Interested in an Active Learning Year with Limerick IT under the Quantity Surveying Degree Programme? Koay Jin June, our Malaysian Student Ambassador discusses this unique placement year, how to apply and what you can expect…The placement programme, called the ‘Active Learning Year’, is organised by LIT along with its industry partners. This Quantity Surveying (QS) honours degree programme has been developed in partnership with industry and is unique in providing a 12 month work placement for students in year three of the programme. Students from Malaysia can enter direct into third year of the programme (Placement Year) once he/she completed his/her Diploma in QS.

Study abroad is exciting but going abroad for placement is both challenging and demanding. If you are seeking into entry of third year Built Environment courses in LIT and ready to enter into the work field for a year in Ireland, there are a few things you need to know before coming to Ireland.

Year 3: Active Learning (Placement Year)

  • Placement starts at the beginning of September
  • It includes minimum 48 weeks of full time employment which includes normal company holiday entitlements
  • Daily diary entry is required along with five submissions of reports and assignments in order to proceed into 4th year

Application of placement

  • A list of placement opportunities in Ireland will be emailed by your Program Leader once you pay the full amount of 3rd year tuition fees
  • A copy of your CV together with a covering letter needs to be prepared with no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors (ask your Program Leader for assistance )
  • Interviews may required and can be conducted through Skype with our potential employer
  • Make as many applications as you can because it is common for companies in Ireland to not respond or take a very long time to respond to placement job applications
  • You may apply for placement in a different county in Ireland which can be far away from your campus (living costs may be vary to locations so research and ask questions)

Working in Ireland

  • Companies do not provide accommodation for the students as they pay a salary
  • Minimum wage in Ireland is €9.15 per hour
  • Don’t be surprised on the high tax deduction (it’s called ’emergency tax’) on your payment, so make sure you register your PPS number and tax credit before pay day. Your company may be able to help you with this.
  • Payment will be made either weekly or monthly, this varies from company to company
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your colleagues, in my experience they are always willing to help you

Please note: Working placement abroad isn’t always so straightforward but it can be easier to pick up work overseas if you have some work experience at home before you go.

Interested in studying abroad in Ireland? Visit the Education in Ireland website for more information.