Getting to study at your dream university is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Student Ambassador Estelle fulfils her dream of attending at Trinity College Dublin, and so far, the experience is everything she hoped for, and more…

The decision to quit my job, pack my life into two suitcases and move abroad to study was daunting, but so exciting. Travelling during the pandemic brought its own set of challenges, however, the fact that I was finally able to study at my dream university – Trinity College Dublin – filled me with joy! 

“It’s finally happening!”, was what I said to myself after landing in Dublin Airport. Even though I was jet-lagged and extremely tired from an 18 hour long haul flight, I was still excited to kickstart my new chapter in Ireland. 

Trinity Long Room (photo: Estelle)

My decision to study in Ireland dates back to the 4th of February, 2018. It was my very first time visiting the Book of Kells. Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with the breathtaking and historical library. That was the moment I knew that I wanted to study in Trinity College Dublin if I ever had the opportunity to study abroad in future.  



Four years later, my dream came true as I am now pursuing my Masters in Special Educational Needs in Trinity College Dublin. The memory of receiving my offer letter to study at my dream university is one of the happiest moments of my life. One of the perks of being a Trinity College Dublin student is having free admission to the Book of Kells! 

Finally made it to my dream university (photo: Estelle)

 Aside from that, I love that my campus is located near many famous and beautiful attractions in Dublin. I was so happy to discover that the Dublin Castle, the National Museum of Ireland and St Stephen’s Green Park are conveniently located within walking distance of Trinity College Dublin! It feels so surreal that I am constantly surrounded by lush greenery, majestic buildings, and picturesque views whilst walking to class.  

As much as I am glad to study in Trinity College Dublin, I have to admit that studying itself is not very fun (just being honest here). However, I know that I am blessed to have the opportunity to visit the amazing attractions and heritage sites whenever I want. 

Grand Canal Dock (photo: Estelle)


When I am not studying, I am often busy exploring and hunting for new places to eat (on a student’s budget!). I love food, exploring new places, and anything art related. Dublin has many exciting places like this that are easily accessible via public transport and are budget friendly enough for students to explore. In my spare time, I update my Instagram for my food hunts in Dublin (@perpetuallyxxhungry). In addition, there are many historical sites and unique attractions that are often free to visit! 

Here are some of my favourite places to visit in Dublin…
Dublin Castle 

The interior of Dublin Castle (photo: Estelle)

It is a magnificent castle that is a must visit if you are ever in Dublin. I was so amazed by the beautiful and intricate architecture that transported me back to the medieval times. Fun fact: the castle is used by the Irish government for presidential inaugurations, official state visits, state functions, and exhibitions! 

Dublin Castle (photo: Estelle)

Howth Summit Walk 

A gorgeous and easy hike that is easily accessible via the DART from the city centre. The beauty of the cliffs and surrounding greenery is truly astounding. Tip: Pack on the layers to stay warm. The wind is really strong so be sure to pack for the weather when you visit! 

Howth Summit! So windy (photo: Estelle)

IMMA – Irish Museum of Modern Art 

One of my favourite attractions in Dublin. I am an art lover and often visit museums for inspiration. IMMA has a well curated collection of artworks and fun exhibitions. It is a fun venue to visit when assignments cloud my mind. 

IMMA (photo: Estelle)

There is so much to do and explore around in Dublin. I have made it a point to continue discovering new places to visit and cheap eats for as long as I am here.  I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience as a student in Ireland! 

Estelle is working towards a Masters in Special Educational Needs at Trinity College Dublin.