Joining the international student’s society at your new university can be the best way to make new friends, and don’t forget about the wonderful roadtrips! Student Ambassador Yin Qi Koh from Malaysia tells us about the trip she went on around Sligo & Leitrim with the ATU international student’s society! Read more to find out all about it…

One perfect day in March, international students in ATU Sligo (IT Sligo) finally got the chance to join the field trip organised by the IT Sligo international office and two other colleges for the first time in 2 years. This was the first Atlantic Technological University (ATU) international student trip around Sligo and Leitrim, with St. Angela’s College and Letterkenny Institute of Technology. Together, we discovered Glencar Waterfall, Atlantic Sheepdogs and Mullaghmore. 

Glencar Waterfall 

Glencar Waterfall (photo: Yin Qi Koh)


The first stop was the Glencar Waterfall in Co. Leitrim. Glencar Waterfall is well-known for being the inspiration to the famous Irish Poet, W.B. Yeats. It might not be the biggest waterfall in Ireland. Still, the stunning view and peaceful surroundings could be the best in Ireland! We were welcomed by a group of lovely people (Margaret, Martin Byrne and Bernard), playing traditional Irish music upon our arrival. Glencar waterfall was also the meeting point for IT Sligo’s, St. Angela’s College students and LYIT’s international students!  




Atlantic Sheepdogs 

Sheep! (photo: Yin Qi Koh)

Greeted by Martin, the owner of Atlantic Sheepdogs, we were given a thorough explanation and demonstration about sheepdogs, sheep breeds, etc. As a tourism student myself, I was amazed by Martin’s profession, which successfully brought so much laughter to all the international students. This place is not just about dogs chasing sheep, but also a place that could keep all ages entertained and gain some extra knowledge. To be honest, field trips and excursions organised by my tourism course or the international office never fail to surprise me! Future IT Sligo/ATU Sligo students can definitely look forward to more field trips like this, haha!



Mullaghmore (photo: Yin Qi Koh)

Before heading back to Sligo Town, we were lucky to have the time to detour back via Mullaghmore. Apart from the coastal area, we could spot Classiebawn Castle from afar. There are so many splendid works of nature that Ireland could offer us. For people planning to follow the Wi

View of the ocean at Mullaghmore (photo: Yin Qi Koh)

ld Atlantic Way driving route, Mullaghmore Head is definitely one of the spots that shouldn’t be missed. Not to mention that Mullaghmore is another famous surfing spot in County Sligo too!

 Alongside the formation of Atlantic Technological University, there would be more activities and events for international students studying in Sligo to participate in in the future. Everyone was happy as we met new friends through those ice-breaking sessions. We knew that with all the support available from the international office and international society, we, the international students, are not alone in this land far away from our home country. 


Yin Qi Koh is studying Tourism with Event Management at Atlantic Technological University (IT Sligo).