USA ambassador Valeri Logue tells us why she chose the Bachelor of Business Studies in International Hotel Management at SCHM.

The best laid plans

I wasn’t planning on going back to college — After completing a Bachelor’s degree from Western Washington University already, I thought I was done with the academic life.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan though. After spending almost a year in Ireland on a working holiday visa, I was convinced that I needed to pursue a career in the hospitality industry and there wasn’t any programme that could compare to this one back in the states. Not to mention I had fallen in love with the country five minutes after getting off of the plane.

Applying to SCHM

So I applied and was astounded to receive a call back with a chance to interview. I gave my interview at 2AM in the morning, Maui time, in my neighbour’s kitchen (best place for Wi-Fi), in the middle of the jungle, with a nose-ring and managed to get in to this amazing college. It has changed my whole outlook on what could be possible for my future — I still feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Like many people in their 20s, I fell in love with travelling. Nothing is as exciting as getting a new stamp in your passport, experiencing new cultures and meeting amazing people along the way. To be able to travel and work internationally, to live without borders, and to be a part of a global network of business professionals are just some of the opportunities that Shannon College can offer someone.

Work placements

Part of the curriculum at SCHM involves going on work placements in some of the top hotels around the world for your entire second year of study. You also do work placements for about nine months after exams and prior to graduation. For example I spent my second year down in Co. Kerry at the stunning Parknasilla Resort & Spa and hope to go to Edinburgh for my final year placement.

Two students cutting and drying food with chefs hats on

New knowledge

Another aspect of the studies I have become obsessed with is wine. Currently I’m the head of the Wine Appreciation Society and cannot wait to take Advanced Beverage Studies as part of my 4th year curriculum. It’s opened up my mind to a field of study that feels more like passion than education and I hope to pursue my education and career in it further.

Why Shannon?

So why choose Shannon? The Shannon College for Hotel Management is one of the most prestigious and well-known colleges in the world. Every year about 100 students are accepted with around 20 or so of those numbers being international students.

What Shannon offers is opportunity and a global network. The college has a 100% employment rate — That is crazy! The reason being that Shannon students are known for their work ethic, commitment to excellence and have alumni that look after their own like family. Ironically that’s what we call each other: Shan-fam, because this tight-knit community looks after each other like a family.

If you are looking to study abroad, to live abroad, to be trained under a curriculum known for excellence or want to be involved in an outstanding college that truly cares about the development and success of its students, investigate the Shannon College of Hotel Management and I promise you will not be disappointed.