Want to find out the top places to ‘Check In’ while studying abroad in Ireland? Paul Heng, a student Ambassador for Athlone Institute of Technology has you covered…

Studying in Ireland has been both fun and intense for me, and since I’m doing my final year honours degree here, studies have been pretty much trying to drive me into a dead corner. Luckily for me, I’ve still had an opportunity to explore Ireland and in this blog I’m going to introduce you guys to a few places to visit in Ireland during your stay here. Visit and experiencing these amazing places helped me to curb college stress issues, I hope they will help you too!



Connemara Hill is the first of the many places that I visited during my stay in Ireland. The view from the hill is so surreal and breathtaking that it takes just one second of a look to heal one’s damaged soul. I’m not trying to exaggerate but it’s really that great. Well, to be honest, I never actually got to the top because well, I’m just too weak, physically. However, imagine this, if the view from mid-hill is already that fascinating, what about the view from the top? Surely, people would die to have a look at it, but at least not for me because I would still love to live for another day to experience another great day in this Land of Leprechauns. Remember to put on a few layer of clothes along with a windbeater because the gale at the top can be merciless. Don’t forget, a good pair of hiking boots is also necessary to battle the slippery rocky stairs to the summit.


Cliffs of Moher

Let me give you a quick fact about this place so that you can brag to your friends! The cliffs are actually Ireland’s most visited natural attractions with up to one million visitors each year. The view is simply fascinating. The sound of the ocean, waves beating against the shore rocks, and the wind blowing and whispering into one’s ear. It all blends just so well with the overall view making it simply, one of the most unforgettable experience ever. Oh and not to forget, there are a few highlight spots at the cliffs where you can take “the most dangerous but not so dangerous at all” photos there, just to make your trip an even more surreal experience. A few layer of clothes and (yet again) a windbeater is also necessary to not turn the trip into a “self-dug pit hole”!

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Guinness Storehouse

“Sláinte!” a Gaelic word pronounced as “Slaun-cha” means cheers! What is the first thing a sane person would think of after mentioning the word “Ireland”, other than Leprechauns? Guinness of course! For as much as the local love their home brewed Guinness beer, one should never stay ignorant and not know a single thing about Guinness. So, why not pay a visit to their storehouse to learn a tip or two? Located in Dublin, it is one of the top tourist attraction in Ireland. During your visit to the Storehouse, you can learn about the history of Guinness through various interactive exhibition areas and find out more about ingredients, brewing, transport and more. It certainly is a great place to visit to learn more about the local culture and their love for the Guinness beer.

Well that’s my top three. There are so many wonderful attractions Ireland and the above are just a few places that I have been too and thought that they would be a good starter for you guys. Oh by the way, just because I didn’t mentioned above, the above trips that I have been to were all sponsored by my college, Athlone Institute of Technology’s International Office and the AIT International Society. Therefore, I would really like to make use of this opportunity to express my gratitude to Athlone IT for the wonderful experience that I have had experienced till now. As such, till next time! Slán!

*Credit also due to the Athlone IT International Society for the gorgeous pictures taken by International Students during the aforementioned trips. I’m really bad at taking pictures…

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