Studying abroad means adjusting to a new daily routine while in a brand new country! In her first blog, Student Ambassador from India, Shivani, shares a typical day in her life with us, as she learns to appreciate her new surroundings one day at a time…


29th August 2021 was the day I landed in Dublin airport with my hopes, dreams, and a lot of luggage! My classes started in the second week of September and ever since then, I have had the most wholesome experience… 


A typical day in my life…

My typical day as a student usually begins the night before I wake up. I do meal preparation for the next day, especially for my lunch. The first thing I do after waking up is talk to my parents back home. I pack my lunch and eat some fruit before leaving home for college.  The best part about my accommodation is that I live within walking distance from my campus! This gives me the chance to walk and explore the beauty of Dublin city, its magnificent skies, nature, and pretty houses.  


Autumn trees in the Dublin suburb, Stillorgan (photo: Shivani)



All of my classes begin early in the morning, and so, I usually have my morning coffee on campus with my friends! Lectures are followed by group project discussions and brainstorming sessions. These take place either at the restaurant on campus, or off-campus where we go to grab lunch, and thanks to these meetings I have explored some of the cutest cafes and restaurants in the area. 


Group Projects

The group projects have been the best part of my course and journey so far. They have pushed us to connect all the more with one another, and develop bonds as team members, classmates and more importantly, as friends in this unfamiliar country!


Irish Weather & Shopping

A typical day in Dublin also comes with surprises in the form of multiple weathers in a single day! You should always be prepared with an umbrella, gloves, and a beanie in case of emergency! Beyond understanding the weather, another significant part of my day is the grocery run to Tesco or Lidl. At the beginning, these grocery trips were a very regular thing, just until I got the hang of it. With planning and some thought, their frequency reduced significantly (thank God!!). 


New Friends

I share an apartment with three others and so the evening usually includes us exchanging our daily experiences with each other and making our dinners. My flat mates and I put on some good Bollywood music and just vibe with the songs while cooking and/or cleaning!  I also make sure that I watch one or two (or more episodes) of my current Netflix series before I go to bed. This is just something that makes me feel better while I miss family and the food and everything about home.  


Shivani and her flatmates! (photo: Shivani)

Indian cuisine prepared with her flatmates (photo: Shivani)












Shivani is working towards an M.Sc in Strategic Management from the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School