Celebrating your traditions while living overseas will give you some unique experiences that you will remember forever.

In a new blog, Student Ambassador Wenjun Li share a delicious dinner for Chinese New Year’s Eve with us!

Toasting with friends (Photo: Wenjun Li)

The 31st of January is Chinese New Year’s Eve and the Chinese New Year, a day of immense importance to every Chinese person. Although we are now overseas, this day is also of immense importance to us. So together with friends, we prepared the New Year’s Eve dinner. 

Each one of us had a clear division of labour and had our own dishes to cook. To be honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve had so much Chinese food and it was a moment of great satisfaction for my Chinese stomach. 

The prawns were bought straight from Lidl, and everyone did a little bit of processing and careful plating, which made for a beautiful, mouth-watering photo. 

Traditional chinese food (Photo: Wenjun Li)

Traditional chinese food (Photo: Wenjun Li)

Here are all the dishes we had. There was beef brisket with potatoes, eggs with leeks, cassoulet chicken, chilled enoki mushrooms, braised pork ribs and so on, everyone worked hard for this meal, so it was a great meal for everyone.



And of course the most important role of all, the dumplings. The dumplings were all made by hand, from mixing the filling and dough to wrapping the dumplings. Although only a few people knew how to make dumplings, everyone was very active in the process, so many dumplings were reported, and everyone was very happy when they finally ate them. 

Homemade dumplings (Photo: Wenjun Li)


Wenjun is studying Molecular Cell Biology with Bio-Innovation at University College Cork