Choosing to study abroad can be a life-changing decision and Maria, our Venezuelan Ambassador, tells us why she is so happy she picked BA Business & Finance at ICD Business School…

I made the decision to choose ICD Business School as my study abroad college for a number of reasons. One of the main ones was that they offered me the opportunity to get a Bachelor Degree in Business an Finance. This course comes with a level of quality higher education for a reasonable price. ICD is located in a beautiful building right in the heart of Dublin City Centre, studying on a campus this central has been such a positive experience for me, making transport in and out of the college so convenient.

My experience in ICD college has been very satisfactory, and a huge advantage has been the small number of students in each class. This allows you to have a direct contact with lecturers and the chance to get great feedback, engage in discussions and share ideas. Lecturers use activities to change up the routine and don’t follow the old fashioned way. The staff here have guided me through the process of studying abroad; the challenges of studying in a second language, giving me the change to thrive in a group which celebrates diverse cultures. The lecturers at ICD Business School are always willing to lead you and they are easy to approach. The time and effort each one of the lecturers invests in preparing the lessons, cases studies, presentations and exams is extremely impressive and of a great standard. I find it admirable that lecturers really listen to your ideas and share their experiences with the class. If you are interested in a specific subject or indeed have any difficulties understanding something, they are always more than willing to help you. ICD Business School in full of professional and valuable staff in all departments — from the security man in reception who always gives a warm welcome to the principal of the college. One of the very best qualities of the ICD staff is their willingness to listen to the student community, making changes and improving the service in many areas as a result.

My experience of studying in Ireland has been more than an investment in my education, it has helped shape my professional profile. This experience has allowed me to know myself in a way I could not back home and becoming a student abroad has helped me realise my weaknesses but also discover my talents, strengths and skills. I don’t think without travelling to this country and doing this course I could’ve developed these strengths!

Becoming a degree student in Ireland has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and has transformed me into a valuable professional with a high standard of education.