Student Ambassador Oghenemaro Desmond Owumi is here!

Journey with Oghenemaro through the contrasting landscapes of Nigeria and Ireland, where education, innovation, and personal growth have taken centre stage.

My study experience in Nigeria consumed a significant portion of my life and offered me relatively little in return.

The Game Changer:

My transition to studying entrepreneurship for a one-year master’s degree in Ireland commenced on September 19th, 2022. The study and exposure here transformed me positively, providing me with a fresh perspective on my ideas, knowledge, and passions. Having control over my time, access to reliable power and 24/7 internet, security, and peace of mind made my study in Ireland a profoundly enriching experience.

I began implementing some of the ideas I had in my home country, including the design of an educational web-based platform called “Study R,” which I completed in December 2022 using CMS & AI tools. This was all made possible by my current program and the privilege of interacting with entrepreneurs in Ireland, including a mentor from the USA.

Teaching Style

The teaching style is of world-class quality, with readily available Wi-Fi on campus, a well-equipped and automated library accessible from any device, and highly experienced lecturers who excel in their respective fields.

What’s particularly remarkable is that the courses are designed to be interactive. This feature, in my opinion, is invaluable. Lecturers are easily accessible, and the learning mode is digitized using learning management software (Moodle).

The curriculum combines both physical and online elements and incorporates real-life projects. I had the privilege of conducting my initial research on a real-life case: the Dublin Bus Company. I delved into the company’s business model and developed a business case for replicating it in Nigeria. This marked the beginning of my journey to explore new possibilities and bring my passion to life.

Exposure: Access to Lecturers, Entrepreneurs, and Networking:

The study experience here has been incredibly enriching. I’ve had the opportunity to network with students from all corners of the globe, sharing ideas. Moreover, having an Irish entrepreneur as a guest lecturer, who shares insights and experiences with us, adds real-world relevance to our academic journey, bridging the gap between education and real-life application.

Trapped in the Box: Study Experience in Nigeria

I have always remained motivated to keep my dreams alive, despite the limitations of the educational system in Nigeria. During my secondary school years, I even designed a prototype waste plastic recycling machine. However, I lacked the structured framework, access to entrepreneurs, knowledge, and resources to bring this innovation to the forefront. It was a frustrating experience, but I persevered and continued to nurture my ideas.

Although the library facilities couldn’t compare to those abroad, the absence of mentorship opportunities from lecturers and the scarcity of real-life projects beyond the classroom walls limited my thinking and stifled my potential. I felt confined, as though I were trapped in a box.

Stuck in the Junction

Nothing beats the satisfaction of having courses structured with a combination of the required software and applications, enabling us to learn globally accepted practices. Unfortunately, this was a setback in Nigeria. Courses often lacked real-life projects or simulations, leaving us with little practical exposure.

We had no choice but to adapt to long lecture hours, manual assignment submissions, and the relentless pace of academic life, which left little time for rest, sleep, or meals. The days blurred together, making it feel like a never-ending cycle. Only the most determined managed to thrive, and I was among them.

I yearned for a more conducive and flexible learning environment, a chance to explore new avenues and foster innovation.


Oghenemaro is pursuing a Master of Science on Entrepreneurship at National College of Ireland.