Hanna Johnson, our Canadian and Cork Institute of Technology Ambassador shares her thoughts on the challenges and rewards of choosing complete a degree abroad…

I chose to finish my B.Hons Degree at the Cork Institute of Technology after completing an Advanced Diploma in Marketing at Conestoga College. Completing your degree at CIT is a very refreshing and interesting way to round off everything you’ve already learned in your Advanced Diploma in Canada. The education is different here, and the transition is challenging but rewarding. In this blog, I will break down my experience in to some of the challenges and the rewards of choosing CIT.


  • You will be an outsider in your class. Entering during the fourth year means a lot of Irish students will have social cliques and know the teachers, etc. It’s a matter of acceptance, the Irish are very friendly and happy to make your acquaintance – but it won’t feel the same as the clique you shared in your third year at college in Canada
  • You have to rely on yourself a lot more. With a lack of classroom friends you will have to pay attention 100% of the time and attend all classes to make sure you get all of the notes, and don’t miss anything important.
  • You are at a bit of a disadvantage from the other students because there is a learning curve to the education system here (different student – teacher interface, student cards, campus maps, computer logins, etc.)


  • Professors are super understanding and make the effort to get to know you and help where they can. Additionally, they are quick to respond to your emails if you have any questions.
  • Irish students are very friendly, and it’s easy to make friends in class – you just have to step out of your comfort zone, and introduce yourself to new friends!
  • The personal satisfaction of passing your first semester is very rewarding – after the hurdles of being distracted with learning the tools at the beginning of the semester, it will fly by and you will feel like you’ve accomplished a lot.

The key to success is time management and goal setting. Pay attention in class, take notes, and work towards your deadlines. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and be able to have a laugh at yourself. The experience will be rewarding in the end!