Interested in Computer Science? Take a closer look at TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus (formerly IT Blanchardstown). Suk Jing, our Malaysian Ambassador, tells us more…

Let’s get straight to the point, choosing a college major is hard. I still remember what it was like to be fresh out of high school; one minute you feel like you’re on top of the world, and the next you find yourself standing at a crossroads trying to figure out what to do with your life. So, for those considering a Computer Science degree at TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus (formerly ITB), hopefully, by the end of this blog, post you’ll be one step closer to understanding and finalising your decision….

Why TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus?

ITB is a great place to be an international student. With only a small number of us, the international student body is a very tight-knit community. And whether you’re applying for a student visa or dealing with culture shock, you can always expect great support from the international office. There is also a peer mentoring programme whereby seniors act as mentors to help new first-year students to find their feet in ITB.

Institutes of technology tend to have much smaller class sizes when compared to universities. I believe this is an advantage because student engagement is emphasised in practical sessions and you get more opportunities to consult your lecturers on a one-to-one basis. All of the lecturers know you by name, even though they always have a hard time pronouncing it! Therefore, if you have any questions, just fire away! Trust me mate, the lecturers won’t byte (pun intended).

Speaking of location, Blanchardstown is a large suburb located north-west of Dublin City Centre. The area is now home to many of the multinational technology corporations, including Symantec, IBM, eBay, and PayPal. If you’re not a city person and enjoy living in a small town, Blanchardstown is definitely the right place to be.

What is the Computer Science course like?

The TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus computing course aims to prepare graduates with the skills they need to thrive in today’s job market. The course covers a wide range of modules, which include Programming, Web Development, IT Mathematics, Networking and Computer Architecture.

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Every lecture each week will be followed by its respective lab/practical session to equip students with not only theoretical knowledge but also valuable hands-on experience. For labs/practicals, you are placed into a small group of 15-20 students. Towards the end of second year, you will have a choice to either specialise in Information Technology or Cyber Security during your third and final year.

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