Curious about Cork as a location for your hospitality management degree? Our Cork resident and ambassador from Malaysia Tanusha Suvashini Hatish Kumar tells us how she was spellbound by the city.

CIT: the chosen one

I researched so many colleges and universities across Europe, the UK and Ireland. CIT became the clear winner in the race to choose a place to study! Why CIT compared to the universities in London or Switzerland? Well, let me tell you a bit about my background before I start blabbering on about how awesome CIT is.

My name is Tanusha Suvashini also known as TUNA. Yeah, Tuna like the fish and I am not joking.  I got that name from a guest that I checked into a hotel many years ago. I have already been working in the hospitality industry for the last 8 years. I studied for an Advanced Certificate in Culinary Arts in Switzerland in 2009. I have worked in Australia and Malaysia in various roles until I decided to go back to studying and pursue a Business Degree in Hospitality Management.

The sorting hat said Cork!

The truth is that I just loved the scenery and the green spaces around Cork. I love the calmness of the city and the vibrant sunsets I get to see. The rugged mountains, beautiful lush valleys, spectacular coastline with charming fishing villages and towns with snug pubs all captivated me. There are so many cultural and historical pursuits and it is also home to some of the best food producers in the world. Being the second largest city in Ireland as well gives us the craic too although the cheerful locals will tell you to say, ‘CORK is the real capital of Ireland’.

Collage of various sights around Cork city

Captivating Cork

The Triwizard Cup is awarded to CIT

CIT boasts one of the finest Tourism and Hospitality buildings with state-of-the-art facilities in Europe. Our classes are well equipped with a demonstration theatre, production kitchens, front office labs, a training bar and restaurant and so forth. We are sent on two industrial work placements throughout the course. Oh and by the way, we also get to travel abroad for our third year work placement! How cool is that? This allows the students to experience a greater height of international awareness, develop hospitality skills from other countries, and it gives us the ability to effectively communicate in the global hospitality environment worldwide. The fees are another reason why I chose CIT as it gave me an opportunity to receive a scholarship from them. That truly helped me in many ways. Thank you CIT.

Let’s not forget about the amazing CIT Library , I feel so comfortable here that I don’t even mind having to study there late at night. It is currently one of the most modern and technologically enriched libraries in the country with a total of 600 study spaces, and contains 70,000 volumes of comprehensive journals across all subject areas. There are also a few study hubs where students can sign in to use for meetings and also some personal computers as well for easy access.

Collage of Cork Institute of Technology

CIT campus

Houses and Quidditch

Making memories with college societies and sports clubs is the best way to engage yourself and to make awesome new friends. There are around 40+ societies and 30+ sports clubs in CIT which gives us a wide range of opportunities to choose from. You never know what you will find during your journey here at CIT. I myself have indulged in the extra-curricular activities on campus — I joined the International Students society and made it as their Vice-Secretary. I have also joined the Dance Society, the Korean Society and the Kickboxing Club. There will always be something new to try here. I have made some fantastic friends throughout my journey here in CIT.

Collage of college student

TUNA’s adventures at CIT