Considering Human Resources Management as your chosen field of study? Our ambassador from India, Priyanka Athavale tells us why the MA in Human Resources Management at the National College of Ireland in Dublin is the perfect choice.

Dublin is the city of dreams. It’s a city that everyone should want to live in — it actually reminds me of Mumbai, the city that never sleeps. I came to Dublin in September 2018 to study an MA in Human Resources Management at the National College of Ireland. And, as I write this blog, I can’t help but wonder how time has gone by so fast. I am already almost done with my final semester! In the blink of an eye, I’ll be finished with college and have my second Master’s degree in hand. If you are considering a Master’s in HRM, then please read on.

National College of Ireland

NCI is located in the heart of Dublin city. It is flanked by the river Liffey on one side and a stunning, modern professional district on the other. Mayor Square at the IFSC is constantly buzzing with activity. There are tons of restaurants and cafes around, and you can quickly pop into M&S next door to cure a sugar craving. The best part of all is that international students have a membership to the SV Fitness gym for the duration of their academic year, so you can work off all those calories in no time! And it’s right behind the college building so that you can’t get creative with excuses not to go!

Pink kettle bell and blue and pink running shoes

A fully equipped gym is available for NCI students

Wonderful culture

When I first came to NCI, I was unsure of what to expect because it was my first time studying abroad — plus, being 27 years old and not ‘studying’ for the last four years didn’t make it any easier! Once I started the orientation process and classes though, I found NCI to be a very warm and welcoming place. Everyone is extremely helpful, and they go out of their way to ensure that you are equipped with all the necessary resources to start. The library staff are the go-to people for assignment tips and Harvard referencing techniques, and the library itself is very well stocked with tons of helpful and informative textbooks covering just about everything. When you go through the welcome lecture and induction classes, you’ll be able to see just how much effort goes into making the introductory resources as comprehensive as possible. All this is done to ensure that your transition into a new environment is smooth and seamless. They really cover everything!

rows of bookshelves receding into the distance

The library is where you will get the best study tips

MA in Human Resources Management

For all international students reading this, let me tell you one very important thing. Try to keep your mind open and avoid making assumptions beforehand. The study techniques are very different from what most of us are used to, and the assignments are a far cry from the simple formats of a standard BA degree. This is not to scare you off, just a tip to prepare you. You will go through a period of confusion, ambiguity and complete paranoia, but the good news is that everyone does. And better yet, you will get through it. The initial days are tough but don’t fret over it too much. This too shall pass!

The course itself is a lot of fun! It isn’t extremely exhausting or intense, but it does require a lot of hard work. There are assignments for every module, and some will have examinations. Classes are always interactive and challenging, with plenty of student participation, discussions, and in-class case studies. The teaching faculty is beyond exceptional. All the professors are highly experienced folks in their field, and besides being great teachers, they are also very friendly, approachable and helpful. Never hesitate to ask them a question should you have any doubts about the course material or assignments. They will always help to shed some light on your conundrums. That said, they do expect a good deal of dedication and involvement from your side. All my professors provided our class with every possible academic resource for reference. It is up to us to utilize these optimally.


The MA HRM class is one of the most diverse and has students from at least 10 different nationalities. It is also a relatively big class, which means you can make plenty of friends! It is a rich experience in terms of interacting with people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, work experience, educational qualifications and ages. There are so many varying points of view that come up during classes which will make you go, “Hmmm…I never quite thought about it that way.”

A Feeling Like Home

NCI is a very warm and welcoming place. You can join numerous clubs and societies and the college has many resources to help you settle in, including a helpline you can call if you’re feeling down and need to talk to someone. There is an excellent student services department that assists with activities like CV building and job applications. All in all, the environment at NCI is wonderful. I would recommend anyone planning to pursue a Master’s in HRM to check out the course at NCI.

I really hope this helps you to make up your mind about this course. If you have any other questions please feel free to leave me a comment below.