New Brazilian Student Ambassador Heloisa Lemmertz talks about how her passion for Ireland meant she knew it was the right place for her to study in

My biggest academic goal was always to have a PhD. Being passionate about cultural exchange, I also wanted to be fluent in English and I knew that I needed to live in an English-speaking country in order to achieve it. 
Ireland has an excellent quality of higher education and this was the key reason why I chose to study in Ireland, together with the opportunity to engage with the job market after finishing my studies.

Ireland is a safe place, where I feel comfortable walking in the streets and Irish people are very friendly and welcoming to foreigners, which always made me feel at home.
Ireland also has a unique and beautiful green landscape with mountains and beaches and it is a great combination for relaxing when not studying.


I spent my first two years studying English to get to the required level to pursue a PhD in University College Cork, where I was successful in securing a funded PhD in Environmental Research as part of a multidisciplinary team working on wind energy. I love being part of a team working in Sustainability in Ireland and to share my experience in Ireland with others.

I can say from the bottom of my heart was the right decision to chose Ireland.