Medical student and Student Ambassador, Mosleh Alalyani, from Saudi Arabia tells us about his previous travel experiences and how they compare to living, studying and growing in Ireland!  

I am Mosleh Alalyani, a medical student at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. I have come from the high mountains in Saudi Arabia to end up in a land of marvellous nature, traditional art, and glorious heritage. It has been a unique and exciting journey to narrate. 

Mosleh enjoying the Irish seaside (photo: Mosleh)

A decade ago, I began travelling abroad to discover new parts of the world for meaningful experiences that could enrich many aspects of my academic and personal life. The spark of my travels started in Malaysia, continued to Canada and the US, and now, here I am in Ireland.

Upon my arrival here, little did I know that I had arrived at the place where unparalleled experiences were all around me.  Breathtaking nature, high-quality education and a supportive community – this is what I have been looking for over the last decade and fortunately, I’ve found them all here. 

Mosleh meeting and working with new people (photo: Mosleh)

I have found Ireland to be a country vibrant in modernisation while still maintaining a cultural uniqueness worth exploring. The last six years on this green island have given me memorable moments to discover the distinctive dimensions of its nation, especially when living with two Irish host families. Interestingly, I was surprised to find out there are common aspects between the Irish and Saudi cultures, although they have been geographically and historically developed apart from each other.  

Mosleh and one of his host families (photo: Mosleh)

My impression of Ireland is evolving as I travel around the country and work with new people. They have valuable professional skills and interesting ambitions, I find Ireland offers valuable opportunities to seek personal and professional growth. For example, volunteering has opened the gate to learn from a local’s perspectives and have afforded me with unique approaches to problem-solving.  

The lifestyle here is more relaxed; many people have a good sense of humour and are friendly to deal with. It is an unforgettable part of my journey to live in a place that welcomes diversity and accepts who you are. If I went a decade back in time, I would choose Ireland as my favoured destination to spend the early years of my educational journey there as an international student. 

Mosleh Alalyani is studying Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)