Gee Tat Kan is a final year student at IT Sligo and in this blog he fills us in on life as a Mechatronics student – from tackling a busy schedule to his favourite modules…

College life in Ireland is a lot different to back home in Malaysia. There are so many events happening here in Sligo I wish I could attend and participate in but I don’t seem to have the time due to my schedule of classes and assignments.

I am studying BEng Mechatronics Level 7 at IT Sligo. It is a three year course and currently approaching the end of the final year as I’ve already completed my diploma back home. Engineering is, no doubt, one of the hardest subjects in the world, and ‘final year’ means a heavy workload. I really envy those who appear to have so much free time enjoying student life! Sadly for me, my timetable is quite a busy one with over 30 hours of classes per week. However time certainly flies as I’m almost finished here at IT Sligo!

Classes are interesting all the time as lectures are very precise so it’s easy to understand even complex topics. There are one or two subjects that require us to do weekly quizzes but on the bright side it helps us to gain further knowledge, and that’s what I love about IT Sligo. The lecturers here are very friendly and blend in easily with the class groups. Some lecturers tend to brighten up the class even more with their sense of humour. As for labs, we usually use computers for programming related subjects. Reports are a must for continuous assessments but I don’t mind this as it’s something I’ve experienced a lot back home in Malaysia.

There are some subjects which are very new to me and which I consider to very important to my future career such as Industrial Data & Communications and Advance Manufacturing Technology. The Mechatronics Project requires input from a group of two or more students and will ensure I’m career ready when I graduate from IT Sligo.

It’s been over six months since I first arrived at IT Sligo. Wow! I’m in the second and final semester of the final year (3rd year) of my Mechatronics degree programme. Life at IT Sligo is busy but good and I’m excited by the challenges which lie ahead.

Watch the video above to find out more about Mechatronics at IT Sligo. Can you spot me in the film?!

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