Limerick Institute of Technology could be the perfect location to start engineering your future success. Our Malaysian ambassador and Electric Engineering student at LIT Ian Chiam tells us how this was the perfect choice for him. 

Upon finishing Foundation in General Studies at Dundalk Institute of Technology, I wanted to pursue my degree in a much less secluded and rural city. So, I moved to Limerick and started my degree in Limerick Institute of Technology. Limerick is the third largest city in Ireland with a population of up to 190,000. I specifically chose LIT (Limerick institute of Technology) because of how hands-on and practical their educational methods are. LIT’s Electronic Engineering program is ideal for anyone who is interested in building their career in design, manufacturing, servicing, marketing or consultancy. As a graduate, you will have both practical and academic expertise in the area of electronic engineering, telecommunications and in computer and networking systems. The program includes practical and project-based learning in well-equipped modern laboratories. The department also maintains close links with local industries and many graduates are offered employment even before graduation.

The hands-on nature of this program means that you learn more than just theory, you learn the skills that will put you a step ahead of the competition upon graduation. The wide scope of this program gives you many possible career paths and allows you to develop your strengths for future employment.

Fast forward three years now and I’m currently in third year of my course. I think it’s safe to say that sometimes I love my course, and there are other times where I really dread it. Like really REALLY DREAD IT! But Engineering has taught me a lot of life lessons too — it has taught me how effective one night of study can be and I’m always one who procrastinates a lot so knowing how to study smart is so much better than studying hard. Here’s a tip to all you aspiring engineering students out there, focus on what the lecturers focus on during the tutorials and always do the past exam papers because those questions helped a lot.

It has also taught me how to work under pressure within a short timeframe — dozens of lab reports are due every week along with a sprinkle of quizzes and CA tests every other day of the week. I’ve never realized how much I love sleep! Because of how busy we are I have also developed a new found love for coffee.

Aside from all that, there are some upsides. Because LIT has such a small community and the classes aren’t as big as other colleges, the lecturers have such a personal relationship with each student. The lecturers all care about our well-being and educational progress. They all have the same goal in mind, and that is to instill a healthy learning environment. There was a moment when I felt extremely down and demotivated due to homesickness, but I kept this to myself for the longest time. Eventually it took a toll on me and I felt really depressed, which resulted in me missing classes. A lecturer emailed to check up on me, so I explained my entire situation — to my surprise he was very understanding, and he even referred me to the student health unit. After a few months of counselling I was back up on my feet. I am forever grateful for everything he has done for me.

I really enjoy studying in Limerick. I love the atmosphere and lifestyle of this city that isn’t too big. LIT has excellent modules and extremely caring lecturers. There are also various interesting societies, such as a DJ society, outdoor club and the best one of course, the International society. Student life may be tough sometimes but always stay focused on your goals but don’t forget to enjoy the journey!