‘Ireland is a place of peace’ says Student Ambassador Chee Hin from Malaysia. Despite being far away from home, Chee Hin has adapted to life in Dublin making the most of every moment here.

I want to share with you guys my experience coming to Ireland. I have been in Ireland for a few months now, so I have fully settled into the new environment. I hope to clear up some of your anxiety before coming to Ireland. 

Beautiful Ireland (photo: Chee Hin)

We all once had a dream to study abroad or travel around to see what the outside world really looks like. It takes courage to start the first step. We are all human, we’re all afraid of the things we do not know about. I was feeling excited a few months before the flight, but as the time came closer I started to get afraid, I couldn’t just run away. So, I decided to do all I could and left no regrets before I left my country. 



At the airport (photo: Chee Hin)

I’m not the kind of guy who loves taking photos and expressing my feelings, but I pushed myself. I tried to have meet-ups with all my friends in person during the pandemic, we talked, we laughed, and we hugged even if I’m not used to giving hugs. Never forget to take a photo for memories even if you are shy, you’re gonna need them. I know that I’m not gonna see them for more than a year. Make sure your list includes your family, until now I still cherish the family photo I took with my family at the airport.  


New friends (photo: Chee Hin)

Arriving in a totally unfamiliar country was tough for me as it’s my first time being so far away from my home, about 11 thousand kilometres away . Luckily, there was a “Greet & Transfer Service” provided to us. After getting off the aeroplane, there was a transport arrangement that brought me directly to my selected accommodation. I am so thankful for that, I can’t imagine how I would have panicked after arriving at an unfamiliar place without any help. I was the first to arrive at my accommodation, I was supposed to share the place with other students but they haven’t arrived yet. The loneliness quickly fills me up but I know I can’t stay in that state for long. 



On the next day, my roommate moves in and we both venture into the city together. I guess I neglected the view when I arrived here worrying about too much, but then I saw how beautiful it is in Ireland. 

Irish beaches are truly beautiful (photo: Chee Hin)

Ireland is a place of peace. You can always see a lot of green around you. Even in the city, there is still a place for a park. People here love to bring their pets and children to the park for a walk. I love the attitude here, people here work hard when they need to and rest hard after work. That is a thing I would like to learn, never over-stress yourself and keep the passion on. 

Dublin City (photo: Chee Hin)

After college started, I joined lots of clubs and societies. They are a good way to meet lots of new people with similar interests. Everyone in the college is so friendly and approachable, I was worried about not being able to adapt and catch up with the people around me. As time passed on I was proved wrong, all of the people were just as worried as me, we’re not so different after all. They helped me a lot in the journey to adapt to the new environment. 

Chee Hin & friends on Grafton Street (photo: Chee Hin)

Friends on Halloween (photo: Chee Hin)









I made a lot of friends here, we held parties and gatherings during festivals like Halloween. During weekends, we always plan to go out together, we look after each other. After coming here, I feel like I could accomplish even more, and gain a lot of confidence in myself. I wish all you explorers out there don’t be afraid to chase your dream and good luck on your journey. 

Chee Hin is studying Computer Science at Dublin City University.