Wondering what jobs are available to you as an international student? Or, looking for where to find part-time and student friendly jobs? Well, Student Ambassador Ufuoma from Nigeria has all of the details! In her second blog, Ufuoma gives us the low-down on her experience of the Irish job market, and some handy tips to finding the perfect fit for you…

My name is Ufuoma Stella Oyovwikefe, a Nigerian studying and working in Ireland. I am currently pursuing an MSc in Digital Marketing at Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest, while I work as Catering Assistant for an agency here in Limerick. This blog aims to share my experience in getting a part-time job as a student in Limerick, and how you can get a part-time job as soon as possible once you arrive.

One of the major concerns young people have when deciding if they want to come study abroad includes wondering if they will be able to work and have a job that takes care of their bills while they can, at the same time, attend school. The best part about studying in Ireland is that Ireland gives you the opportunity to work part time for 20 hours per week whilst studying, and 40hrs per week during school breaks, public holidays and during the summer break.

It may look like an easy thing to do, but to land a part-time job, you need to have a good process. But, rest assured, it isn’t difficult, and there is a lot of different availability from different sectors and industries which can fit in with your schedule! 

My first job here in Ireland was as a part-time seasonal sales assistant working in Dunnes Stores. It took me 2 months and 3 weeks to be able to land my first job in Ireland. I arrived in Ireland on September 2nd, 2021 and I got my GNIB card which allows me to work part time in Ireland. After this process, I had to then apply to get my bank account so that I could have an account where I could be paid my wages.

Working in Dunnes (photo: Ufuoma)

The third most important step I did was then apply for a PPS number which is called a Personal Public Service number (see it as a social security number or the NIN number if you are from Nigeria). This will allow you to apply for a tax certificate here in Ireland as well as also register your job with the Revenue services of Ireland so that emergency tax isn’t deducted from your salary. Without the PPS number, most employers would refuse to give you a job so it is very important to also process this immediately after you get your GNIB card.

After the part time seasonal sales assistant job, I got a more stable part time job working as a catering assistant with a recruitment agency.


There are various ways to get part-time jobs, but it all depends on your goal or where you want to work. I would strongly suggest using all of the different ways to find jobs to yield faster results. That said, here are the best ways to get part time jobs in Ireland;

1. Recruitment Agencies 

Recruitment agencies work as a middle-man between you and finding your next best employer. Their system works in a way that you register all your information with the agencies and they pair you with a company or an employer in their database who needs you. You have to go through Garda Vetting as well as submitting your tax certificate and all other contracts. Sometimes there is also some courses specific to the agency that you would also have to learn and be certified in. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to complete the process but it is usually worth it as it is very flexible and more convenient in the long run. These agencies are also great if you decide to work in the healthcare sector or the hospitality industry. Some examples of agencies that you could register for include: Noel Group, CPL Recruitment, FRS Recruitment and Hays Recruitment amongst others.

2. Recruitment Websites

These are sites where you can search for jobs based on the area and the location. All you have to do is upload your CV as well as a cover letter to the site. After doing this, it is also wise to turn on notifications so that jobs opening that match with the jobs you are looking for can be sent to your mailbox and this way, you can be among the first sets of applicants thereby standing a higher chance to be called for an interview. The best sites that are effective for part time job search and with lots of availability of jobs include: LinkedIn, Indeed.ie, jobs.ireland, irishjobs.ie.

3. Submitting CVs

Submitting your CV in person: this is another great way to get job easily and has worked for most of my friends who were looking for part time jobs. Many restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques and bars are always looking for part time staff to join their team. All you have to do is print your CV with a good cover letter and submit it to the manager at the store. 

Working hard as a catering assistance (photo: Ufuoma)


It is very important to note that it would be difficult to find some professional job roles available for part time especially as it relates to the job you were doing in Nigeria or wherever home is for you. It would be best not to waste time seeking professional part time jobs as most professional jobs do not hire students and do not take part time staff. Some jobs pay the minimum wage of 10.50 Euros per hour while some pay up to 11–14 Euros per hour depending on the job and the company.

Examples of part time jobs to focus on include:

  • Sales assistant
  • Catering assistant
  • Kitchen assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Health care assistant
  • Wait staff
  • Bar staff
  • Library assistant
  • Shop floor assistanT
  • Receptionist/secretary
  • Accommodation assistant


Most employers will require you to have the following certifications before giving you a job especially with the COVID pandemic. While some employers will train you on the job, some would require it, so it is best to have them prepared and ready in case it is requested. Most of them are very short and really easy assessments. You can take the courses on the Alison Learning platform, Evolut or on the HSE website. 

The courses include:

  • Manual handling
  • AMRIC Hand Hygiene
  • Being a good sales person
  • Food safety
  • The fundamentals of GDPR
  • Managing health and safety: chemical agent hazards


Always remember to put your best foot forward and create resumes that are specifically tailored to the job role, not merely a one size fit all resume.Attend interviews very early and plan your time putting into consideration your bus route and schedule. Speak very clearly during the interview process so they can be sure that communication would not be a problem during the job. Most importantly, remember to be patient and to be positive.

All good things do take time. All the best.

Ufuoma is studying Digital Marketing at TUS Limerick