When moving from your home country to study and live in Ireland, most of the time you will have done some research and have a vague idea of what you’re getting you’re getting yourself into – but you can never fully prepare yourself for what lays ahead. Student Ambassador Yagmur Eke from Turkey found herself very out of her comfort zone when she came to Ireland but has since settled, adjusted and found peace on the Emerald Isle…

Hello! My name is Yagmur Eke and this is my first year at Dundalk Institute of Technology. The main reason I choose to study in Ireland is that I was curious and enthusiastic when I first saw the course in DKIT.

Hello! (photo: Yagmur)

I lived with my parents all my life so getting out of my comfort zone was quite difficult for me. However, on the induction day, the lecturers and students from the upper classes were so supportive that I felt I wasn’t alone. Being alone was my biggest fear when I first arrived in Ireland. But, day after day, I got to meet new people and make friends, and I realised that there was nothing to fear. 

I live in student accommodation where I share an apartment with two others. Each of us has an individual room and we share a bathroom and a kitchen. Having my own room was so essential for me because I love to have a personal space. In Ireland, in most of the student accommodations, people have a chance to have a room by themselves. 

A pic between lectures (photo: Yagmur)

The one fact that I don’t really love about Ireland is the weather. I come from the hottest city in Turkey, so Ireland is too cold for me. I wear the thickest clothes I have when the people who are used to the weather only seem to wear a t-shirt! The best advice I could give is to prepare for the cold if you’re coming from a hot country…     

A peaceful stroll (photo: Yagmur)

In Ireland, everywhere is green. I knew that it was full of nature before I came, but it shocked me anyway. I wasn’t expecting that it would be quite this green. In Turkey, there are just buildings in the cities. However, in Ireland, it is pretty easy to find green areas even in the city or town centres. One of my hobbies is taking a walk around the streets, it clears my mind and is good for some exercise. Thus, I find Ireland is a very peaceful place to live.

Yagmur is studying Film and Television Production at Dundalk Institute of Technology.