Ever wondered what’s involved in BA Architectural Design at IT Sligo? Thiau Wan Chee, our Malaysian Ambassador, shares five useful facts about the course with us…

Architecture is a creative and artistic way to shape our surroundings. In my opinion, architects are not artists, but optimistic realists. After all, architects design the houses we live in and schools we go to, and even cities we visit. So, to study this discipline is an opportunity to shape the world we live in.

When I was a kid, I always idolised my Uncle Jan, who studied Architecture and is now pursuing his career in Hong Kong. During my school days, I did not do well in science subjects and didn’t have art skills like Picasso. However, I have a passion for visual art and designs and a huge love of urban architecture, cityscapes and skyscrapers. It is thrilling to see how humans grow and develop a community as one. Therefore, architecture was the only course which came into my mind when considering my future career.

While researching for my undergraduate studies, I stumbled upon IT Sligo, which offers BA (Hons) in Architectural Design. As an Architecture Diploma holder, IT Sligo offered me 2 years of exemption, otherwise, it is a four year full-time degree. That’s one interesting fact about the course, here’s five more…

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

The BA (Hons) in Architectural Design of IT Sligo has been validated by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) at Part 1 level. If you are not aware of RIBA, RIBA validation is a recognition of educational achievement that is world class.

Architecture design studio

IT Sligo provides design studio learning experiences, allowing us to engage in our designs and interact with one and other. You will get a personal design working space to ignite your inner creativity and passion.


We are given a high amount of contact time with lecturers and tutors, and I never hesitate to ask for their advice. They might love to dress in black most of the time, but trust me, they are kind and always there to help!


Workshops will provide model making materials for free, so students don’t have to purchase these materials. The workshops are available every Friday from 10 am – 1 pm, students are welcome to use the workshop equipment and facilities.

Field trips

The course is enriched by annual field trips to design capitals. We are visiting Rome in January 2018. In spite of the fact that we need to pay €300 for the trip, which is worthwhile, and full of learning opportunities and fun as we will be travelling with lecturers and course mates.