Thinking about Computer Science? Think of Ireland. Elena Montes, our University College Cork Ambassador gives you five good reasons to pack your bags…

Some may ask, “Why Ireland?” And, more specifically, “Why computer science?” Well, in order to help people who may be considering their options with study abroad, here are my top five reasons to study computer science in this beautiful corner of the world.

  1. Ireland is home to a growing technology industry. As just one example, Google’s European headquarters are located in Dublin. Studying here gives you an edge into new career opportunities. Go for an internship, grab some friends and invest in a start-up. There are resources available to help you (like Gateway UCC).
  2. Ireland is also very, very small. This means the connections you make matter. While you’re studying here, your professors are likely themselves important figures in the field, and you can meet more fascinating scientists at conferences and events held at or around your university. All of the conversations you have with these people may open up opportunities for you in the future!
  3. Computer science needs you. Computing is an already huge – and constantly growing – industry. In fact, the number of people required for jobs in the IT sector is growing faster than the number of graduates to fill them! Learning how to program can help you achieve so many amazing projects; just try it out.
  4. Coding is FUN! Seriously. Imagine anything, anything you can dream up – a service, a product. Learning to code can make that come to life. Code can even create real objects with the help of amazing new 3D printers. The possibilities really do seem infinite with the versatile set of skills that you’ll gain from studying computer science.
  5. On a more surface note, Ireland is gorgeous. This has nothing to do with STEM – it’s just true. Science aside, studying in this country will change you for the better. The rich history and culture of hospitality that surrounds you is unlike anything you will experience anywhere else.

If you’re thinking about computer science and thinking about studying it in Ireland, I have to say – go for it! You won’t regret your experience and it will teach you so, so much about life, your area of study, and yourself.


If you are interested in studying abroad in Ireland, visit the Education in Ireland website for more information.