Need five great reasons to choose Mary Immaculate College? Kalina, our US Ambassador, shares hers…

Applying to college is a stressful time, full of self-doubt and anxiety. You’re comparing yourself to your friends and sometimes you just feel aimless. And I speak from experience when I say it doesn’t feel good to be aimless, especially when applying to college. But thanks to the Common App and my supportive family, I am now pursuing my undergraduate degree at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, Ireland, and I’m going to tell you why you should do the same.

The idea of a fresh start

I’ll be honest, four years of high school can leave you feeling drained. And when you’re tired and unsure of what you want to do, the best option is to start new somewhere else. You’re never too young (or old) to reinvent yourself, and moving to a country where you know no one is one way to do it.  Being here has really shown me what I’ve made of. A short learning curve and sudden independence is what great scholars are made of.

The dedication of the International office

Not going to lie, leaving home and everything and everyone you’ve ever known is a big decision. But the International office at Mary I made me feel like I was leaving one family and flying into another.  They cater to the needs of every student and always check in on your well-being. Truthfully, if not for them, I don’t think my mother would have agreed to let me fly so far away.

The ease of applying

The Common Application is the best tool to have when applying to college. The extent of the database and the ability to apply search filters is super handy. In my case, I only had a vague idea of the type of school I was looking for, and being able to ignore typical search parameters, like location, was perfect for me. I was looking for a relatively small school that was co-ed (and preferably had no application fee). One day I decided to narrow my search to colleges outside of the U.S, partly just for fun and partly because I didn’t even realise that was an option. I filled out a few applications, Mary Immaculate being one of them, and a few months later a decision was made.

Less time, less money, more experience

As an international BA student at Mary I, you have the option to skip the third year, in which most students study abroad. This means one less year of school, one less year of tuition, and three years of invaluable experience. But, if you’re feeling ambitious, you can go for your Masters, in a cheaper and shorter manner. A Bachelors and a Masters in four years? Not too shabby.

Location, location, location

All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy, as they say. Ireland is the perfect starting point for working on your travel bucket list. Flights to the rest of Europe are usually short (and cheap) and make for some pretty exciting stories. The opportunity to travel here is unparalleled, and that isn’t just referring to international flights. Ireland is a diverse country full of history and monuments.  Weekends aren’t just for studying, am I right?