Feel like there’s not enough time in your day? Struggling to find a balance between school and exploring beautiful Dublin? Reshma, our St. Kitts and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Ambasasador gives us her top five things to do in Dublin (in increments of 10 minutes!) from St. Stephan’s Green…

10 Minutes

Go for a stroll around St. Stephan’s Green Park. Escape from the hustle of the city to the serene walking paths of the park. Did you know that during the war a cease-fire would occur daily to let park-keeper James Kearney feed the ducks? Find out more about the park

20 Minutes

Go grab a cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee and a delicious pastry at one of Dublin’s cute, cozy cafes. My suggestion? Queen of Tarts, but there is lots to be enjoyed at Butlers, Beanhive or even Café Nero!

30 Minutes

Grab a Dublin Bike from one of their many locations and ride around the city. Trick is to do it within 30 minutes, and it’s free! Feel the wind in your face, and the freedom of getting through traffic, all while exploring your surroundings. Visit Dublin Bikes to find out where you can snag one.

40 Minutes

Walk around Grafton Street and soak in all that it has to offer: shopping, performances, food, and tons more. Random fact? The Script’s song “Before the Worst” has a line dedicated to it! “It was Grafton Street on a rainy night, I was down on one knee and you were mine for life” Discover more about Ireland’s world famous shopping street.

50 Minutes

Take the DART along the coast and soak up the views, when you see something you like stop, get off, and go explore! Go without a plan- it’s amazing what you will find (I personally love Howth). Plan your next adventure and check out the Irish Rail website.