Memories are precious and your study abroad experience is something you will cherish and want to look back on. With this in mind, Dora, our CIT Ambassador, gives us five of her favourite ways to document her life as a student in Ireland….

Time can pass in the blink of an eye. There are at least six TED talks that tell you not only to enjoy the beauty of life but also document it in order to somehow “freeze” those moments, put them into our physical memory card and look back when we would like to. Watch my video and read on to find out my top tips…

Make a scrapbook

I have to admit that I love well-designed marketing materials and tend to collect them wherever I go. All kinds of it. Leaflet, brochure, pamphlet, movie tickets,… And yes, they are all free. I stick them to my notebook as pieces of illustration and as you can see, it works, right?

Take pictures

Ireland is such a beautiful country that you will find every corner can turn photogenic. I even started new Instagram accounts @dorainireland (focusing on student life and my own travel photographs) and @weheartireland (focusing on sharing stunning pictures of the island)

Publish a magazine

I don’t think you have to be a good writer in order to start writing about something. Pick a notebook and a pen, or simply type with your laptop. Putting your thoughts about school, lecturers, classmates, events,… down in paper is always a good exercise. You can now use canva to turn your words into a magazine effortlessly. Check it out and I am sure that you would love it!

Start a vlog

Start recording your life: how you go shopping, how you experience public transportation, how you use library at school,… Put them together with some of your favorite songs and you are ready to share it with the world. I create my own Youtube channel just to share my random moments in action.

Blog for Education in Ireland

When I talk to my friends about this, they all worry that they don’t have time for it because the schedule at school is already packed and life is already hectic. But trust me, being an student ambassador blogger for Education in Ireland will bring much fun to your student life. It does not only expand your network but also gives you the privilege to be a part of government-recognised programme, and most importantly, your stories are set to be exposed to and inspire millions of students all around the global.

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