Asmita, our Indian and University College Dublin Ambassador, shares her tips on how best to make the most of your study abroad experience, from joining societies to taking up a hobby…

While catching up with all the differences and creating a balance, studying abroad can be a bumpy ride at times. It can be stressful because of the differences in the culture, the educational methods, the climate, the management of time and money. But nothing that cannot be handled and stop you from leading a happy time abroad.

So, if you are worried about how you can manage to relax and not stress yourself out then read on about the few chosen options

Join societies

Joining different sport, art, cultural societies keeps you busy and you get to experience a new side of you. It might lead to new friendships and you never know you might discover your hidden talents. You can join your regional societies, which celebrate the occasion and traditions that you have back home. It will help you deal with the home-sickness. Surrounding yourself by similarities, like speaking in your own language and celebrating the oneness away from home helps you relax.

Walk to remember

Most of the times throughout the year, Dublin has beautiful scenic sky and sea views. Taking time out for short walks or run daily, can be one of the most relaxing thing to do. If you are a person who doesn’t like the calmness of the beautiful landscape around, you can also end up going to the city and enjoy the performances on the street or go to the lively pubs which are always filled with young souls.

Follow the plan

The best way to take care of yourself and specially your health is by leading a disciplined life. You can do this by completing all the tasks on time. Be it studying, cooking, cleaning or having fun, if you finish the tasks when needed it will make you feel more productive and independent. By taking care of yourself from time to time, you can avoid the last-minute rush and this will take you long way. The only person you must mainly deal with is you. Let’s face it everyone procrastinates at some point of the time but this will make you more stressed, so it is better to follow the decided plan.

Start perusing a hobby

Taking time out to do something you love, is the best thing that will happen to you in life. I have always been into photography, so I continued with that even after coming here. You can either continue with your existing hobby or even better, you can try learning something new which you always wanted to try your hands on. I am sure this will end up being one of the most relaxing part of your day.

Be around friendly faces

Positive minds live positive thoughts. It is very important that you spend your time with people who make you happy. So, choose wisely the people you want to be around, as those people will make you who you are and will help you bring out the best in you. A good circle of friends is like having a family away from home.

Remember the mantra, that the best things in life are free and they usually are not things. Make the most out of it…