“Being away from home and from comfort can cause us anguish and sadness, so my recommendation is to surround yourself with a company that gives us support”

In a new blog, Student Ambassador Catalina shares their top tips for making friends in a new place! 


Four ideas to meet people while you are studying in Ireland 

At the northern point in Ireland (Photo: Catalina)

Living abroad is a wonderful experience that will change your perspective, but it can also be an overwhelming event, with many changes and culture shocks. That’s why I believe creating a support network when you are studying and living abroad is important. 

Being away from home and from comfort can cause us anguish and sadness, so my recommendation is to surround yourself with a company that gives us support. In this post, I recommend some ideas that you can implement to make your study experience in Ireland even more pleasant by meeting new people who can be your support network. You can also use dating apps, depending on what you are looking for… 

When I talk about a company I mean friends from college, people from our country that we can find in different groups on social networks, groups of activities that interest you within a college or in the city where we are: it can be sports activities, creative, or the ones you want as long as you feel comfortable and feel like doing. Here are my recommendations: 

  • Meet Up

    Enjoying a beach day in Dublin (Photo: Catalina)

As its website describes, it is a platform for real-life gatherings where members and organizers get together to connect, discuss, and practice activities related to their shared interests. You can find activities online and on-site, in the city where you are or according to your interests. You can use the browser or download the app on your phone. You just need to create an account and find the activity you would like to do, or the nearest activities around you. 

  • Facebook of people from your country in Ireland or Facebook Groups to meet people

Since its creation, Mark’s platform has served to create connections around the world, and this time, it can also help those of us who are studying in Ireland to find new friends or activities to do. In that case, you can search for groups related to your country, to find your natives and feel a little closer to home. You can also look for groups to meet new people or experience new activities. Here is an option for Dublin, where activities are created weekly. https://www.facebook.com/groups/dublinmulticulturalmeetupgroup 

And then you can search for groups specific to your interests. In my case, I like art and cultural activities, so I find myself in various groups related to these topics. Also in a book club, but I will be honest, I have a hard time staying active because of school obligations and part-time jobs. However, it helps me to see what is being read and when I can I join.

Part of the team at Young Migrant Women’s Network (Photo: Catalina)

  • Local libraries or coffee shops in the city you are studying

These places might have conversation groups where you can meet new people. They are also great places to start to get involved with the locals, and learn about Irish life and slang! Where the craic (fun) is! 

  • Charities 

Find an NGO you might be interested in and apply to be a volunteer. In my case, I’ve been working with the Young Migrant Women’s Network, a group that works with migrant women in Ireland, since 2020. The organisations aim to empower young migrant women across different activities and create an impact in their life, and on Irish society itself. 





Catalina is studying Business at CCT College Dublin.