From great modules and attentive lecturers, Jeremy Yon our Malaysian Ambassador shares why BSc Software Development at GMIT is a great choice…

Galway is a gem

What are the odds that a city boy from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia would end up in Galway 11,000km away from home studying Software Development? Pretty slim, I would say. Although Galway wasn’t at the top of my study destination list, I have no regrets as of now. Galway is simply just eclectic, breath-taking. Whenever I need a break from my heap of assignments, I take a scenic stroll down to the beach 15 minutes down the road. The town itself is charming and quaint in its own way, rich in history and culture.

GMIT’s software development course

GMIT’s software development course covers a wide range of modules – from back-end modules such as Java and C, to front-end programming such as HTML, CSS and Ionic. It also covers day-to-day application modules such as Networking and Systems Analysis. This creates a wholesome course and would well prepare a software developer for real world applications.

The course prioritises personal relationships with lecturers

GMIT provides the best lecturers for this course. Lecturers are experienced in the field and can answer any queries you have during or after class. I often email my lecturers during non-class hours and they always reply me within a few days. Besides that, GMIT tries to include more labs/tutorials into the timetable. This is because there is a lower ratio of students to lecturer and therefore, this is better for students who feel shy in large lecture halls to ask questions. Here it’s easy to feel more comfortable to raise your hands In labs and tutorials. Some lecturers even know students by name!

The facilities

Speaking of labs, GMIT provides well equipped labs for the software students. The labs all run PCs with decent specifications and are more than enough to run coding software. There are many labs on campus, and are open all day til the wee hours of night. Besides the labs, there is an IT centre and a library. The IT centre and library has more than 300 computers in total and are available for students to use. They also have printing and scanning facilities for all students’ printing needs.