But first, coffee! Mary Elizabeth Morey, our US and Griffith College Dublin Ambassador gives us her top tips for getting your caffeine fix within minutes of the campus. She shares her top three spots to get some of your work done, chat with friends, or enjoy some alone time…


Krüst Bakery is located on Aungier Street, close to Dame Street. It is the farthest of the three from GCD. There a few reasons that Krüst is one of my favourites, from its wide selection of sweet treats to the chalk wall in the basement.

Krüst is known for its wide range of pastries, from different kinds of donuts and breads, to their specialty—the cronut. A cronut is a croissant-donut hybrid with a sweet glaze and flaky middle that melts in your mouth and brings joy to one’s heart!

Besides great sweet treats and amazing coffee, Krüst also offers a variety of hardier foods such as salads and sandwiches if you’re extra hungry. The workers are incredibly nice and don’t mind if you stay longer than normal while doing work. They even double stamp your member card, helping you earn free coffee faster!

Doing homework at Krust is quite enjoyable—just grab your favourite drink and pastry then head downstairs where there is extra seating and outlets. There is free Wi-Fi at Krüst, but sadly the last time I went to do some work, it was not available. This is the only negative besides its distance from campus.

Oolong Flower Power

670x200-teaandcoffeeIf you are more of tea drinker, there is no better place near GCD than Oolong Flower Power. This adorable little café has an entire wall dedicated to different types of teas. If you are unsure as to which one you will like, just ask an employee! They make the best suggestions and are super friendly.

I usually don’t drink tea, but the ones I have tried have all been exceptional, especially the ones that have fruit infusions. Oolong is located on Stephens Street Lower and is only twenty minutes walk from campus. They have coffee as well as tea and make the most scrumptious desserts—and the best quesadillas I have had in Ireland! They make cheesecake in house as well, and it has to be one of the best I have ever had.

There is a large downstairs with comfy, tailored leather seats and outlets for charging your laptop. The only problem with doing your homework at Oolong is the two-hour limit on the Wi-Fi. The entire café is decorated in the cutest way with dainty wall paper and tea served in kettle-cups, giving the place a quaint and lovely atmosphere.

Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge

The last of my favourite homework spots near Griffith is Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge. Accents is located right next to Oolong, but it has an entirely different feel. Accents has a warm and cozy ambiance as soon as you enter the door that just escalates as you go downstairs.

There are giant leather couches that keep you comfy as you sip on the best hot chocolate in Dublin, or my personal favourite, a Caramel Macchiato. The cool thing about their hot chocolate is that they bring you a mug of hot milk with a little bowl of either dark, white, or milk chocolate morsels that you mix in yourself. It really is quite yummy with its smooth richness that warms you from the inside out.

Accents also has a range of sweet treats that are pretty hard to resist. My favourite has to be their lemon tart, but you really can’t go wrong when picking from their selection. The entire café has this amazing semi-hipster vibe, which is emphasised by their awesome playlist mixing old and new favourites as well as some of my favourite artists, such as Halsey, in the background. The only negative of Accents is the fact that there aren’t any outlets, so you better hope your laptop batteries will last for a little while.

I have been to these three places so much that I think the workers are starting to recognise me. They are definitely the best cafes to study, hangout with friends, or even read a book. They are all different and provide unique, relaxing atmospheres. I will sorely miss grabbing an amazing cup of coffee from these three cafés when I head home in a few weeks.

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