As a child, Ge Liu, from China, dreamt of going abroad, so studying in IT Carlow has helped her realise her dream of experiencing life in another country.  Here she shares her first impressions of Ireland.

When I was a child, I dreamt of going abroad. More importantly, I really wanted to experience the gorgeous views, different history and attractive food in Europe that I’d seen in movies. Fortunately, I got a chance to study in Ireland, through a joint project between my college in China and IT Carlow. I worked really hard to get it, and I finally started my life in college last year.

Complicated but worth it

The complicated process of submitting information and applying for a visa made me realise that it is not easy to leave my country! Although the flight made me tired, I never felt so excited as when I arrived in Ireland. So, I felt all the “suffering” was worth it.

Fall in love with the food

What impressed me most was that the food and the style of buildings are totally different from that of China. There are lots of ancient castles around the city, creating a romantic ambience and fairy-tale mood. The food in Ireland is so convenient to cook and very high quality. I gradually fell in love with the food here. I usually talk about food with my classmates, and they are interested in Chinese food. I also invited them to my home to enjoy a “hotpot party” (very Chinese!)

Helpful lecturers make things easy

One thing I really appreciate is that the lecturers here are nice and helpful. They understand the culture shock and language barrier experienced by international students, so they always explain everything very clearly for us. They make me feel that they are my friends and I can ask any questions without hesitation.

All in all, I feel very lucky to study in IT Carlow. And I believe I will have a wonderful experience in Ireland.