Interested in studying Graduate Entry Medicine abroad? Reshma gives us five great reasons to choose Ireland and RCSI…

What is GEM?

The GEM program at RCSI is very unique in that all students have completed a prior degree, and thus the program is 4 years and very accelerated (as compared to the normal 6 year program students enter after high school). In addition to this its Ireland’s first, and therefore longest standing GEM program! So why study GEM at the RCSI, you ask? Here are my top five reasons…

Early clinical exposure

In other countries, much of medicine is taught behind a desk. At RCSI, if you are a GEM student, clinical exposure starts in year 1 with weekly video screening of Surgical Grand Rounds, Clinical Competencies class and weekly hospital attachments in semester 2.

Diversity of students

There are a large number of countries represented within our small class size of approximately 70 students each year. In my year, there are students from all over Europe, as well as, Asia, North and South America, Australia and the Caribbean. The ratio of Irish students to international students is approximately 30:40, respectively.

Global alumni network

As there are lots of international students studying at RCSI, a concern is often “but how will I practice medicine back home.” Generations of RCSI students before you have faced this exact question, and there is so much support from international alumni, that the process of returning home is a highly organised and coordinated one.

Excellent teachers

It’s true, RCSI teachers genuinely love teaching, and their passion shows. Its super motivating to have a teacher that enjoys teaching, and to me, it makes it much easier to learn the content when your teacher is an expert.

Extracurricular activities

There is lots to do, outside of class, whether your other hobbies are running, research or even tight roping, there is a club, society or opportunity waiting for your at RCSI.