All of the best stories, start with a change of plan! In a new blog, Student Ambassador Florangela tells us about one of her favourite trips during her study abroad experience that started as a complete accident. Read more to find out how she got on!

It is funny how the greatest stories happen without planning…but I’m getting ahead of myself. 

My name is Florangela, I’m a Peruvian international student currently doing my first year in Art and Design at LSAD, Technological University of the Shannon Midland and Midwest (TUS) in Limerick, Ireland. 

The art hub that is Galway (photo: Florangela)

I moved to Ireland with my sister for September intake 2021. It was a hard time for us, we have never been so far from home or our family, we were a little bit anxious about the whole process but it all ended up going pretty well. TUS gave us a really warm welcome that allowed us to be more confident and comfortable.

Now, how did I get into this “accident”, which I’m now very thankful for. It was the middle of November and my sister and I wanted to get to know Ireland better. We heard so much about all the places that are a “must” on our journey as international students, but “The Cliffs of Moher” truly caught our attention. Along with our friend Jorge we packed our things, (especially our umbrellas and jackets) and we went to the bus stop hoping to have a great picnic with beautiful Irish views. And get to know a little bit more about Irish culture and history. 

Accidental journey! (photo: Florangela)

Everything was great until we realised that we hopped in the wrong bus, we weren’t going to the Cliffs of Moher, we were going to Galway!! We were really surprised, but we decided not to close our minds to this new adventure that we didn’t know we would have.  

None of us had ever been in Galway so everything was new, Google Maps became our best friend guiding the way. We wanted to make the best out of this improvised visit. 

The weather was nice, some drizzle but then clear blue skies with beautiful Irish rainbows. So if you are a “Look at the sky…” kind of person like me, Ireland does not disappoint. 

It was like destiny knew this would happen because that day the colourful ‘Galway Market’ and ‘Galway Museum’ were open, and we met really kind people. We were introduced to fairies, beautiful artworks of Irish artists and a variety of food for everyone to enjoy. We also learned about Irish culture, from history to art and marine life. It reminded me of the museums back in Peru, in which we proudly show our ancient history and culture, and seeing that here, in Ireland and the way in which they keep their customs alive was pretty moving. 

Exploring Galway’s market (photo: Florangela)

We will probably plan our trip to the Cliffs of Moher another time, but I just want you to know that Ireland is full of hidden and not-so-hidden beautiful places. Even though you plan your trip or improvise like we did, you can make the best out of your journey as an international student. (We also get discounts as college students so that’s a plus)!

We finished our day in the bay looking at the sunset and being grateful for this happy getaway accident 

Thank you for reading,   

Sincerely, Flor-  

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  Florangela is studying Art and Design at Limerick School of Art and Design.