The Irish winter can be pretty unpredictable. Our ambassador from Malaysia and student at Athlone Institute of Technology Jasmine See Wei Fong shares how the reality of an Irish winter compared to her expectations.

Winter can be an odd experience for a girl like me, coming from a tropical country. I had so many expectations about what the weather in Ireland would be like — especially in winter! Let’s just  say that expectation and reality don’t always match up.

Preparing for snow

Expectation: Excitement! A childlike feeling of joy for the arrival of snow.

small child standing in snow wearing hat and scarfReality: Panic buying everything in the supermarket in case we get snowed in.

empty supermarket shelves

Photo from showing empty shelves during Storm Emma, 2018

Fun in the snow

Expectation: Building a snowman or an igloo.

snowman wearing a cameraReality: it’s too cold to even leave the house! If you do want to venture outside, be sure to wrap up warm.

woman with scarf covering her mouth

Walking in a winter wonderland

Expectation: peaceful walks in the powdery snow.

Reality: Extreme weather warnings prohibiting you from setting foot outside.

slippery road surface warning sign

Spring has sprung!

Expectation: The arrival of spring in March.

cherry blossoms in bloom Reality: Weather warning for a snow storm in March. Ireland has experienced a number of snow storms in March over the last few years. Prepare to wait a little longer for the arrival of spring.

snow covered tree

Wrapped up

Expectation: Being cosy, sat by a fire.

couple in pyjamas sitting by a fire Reality: Feeling so cold that no matter what you do you cannot get any heat into you. More blankets please!

dog wrapped in blanket

I have to point out that the winter in Ireland is not always white! Most of the time you don’t even experience snow — heavy rainfall and strong icy breezes are the norm. But when it does snow in Ireland it really is a beautiful sight to behold. Experiencing my first snow in Ireland is a memory I will cherish forever. There is no lovelier feeling than being wrapped in a cosy blanket sipping a hot mocha and munching on some fresh, baked cookies while watching movies on my laptop.

I hope you enjoy your winter in Ireland as much as I do. Leave me a comment below and share your favourite things to do in winter.