Asking questions and getting your bearings, just two of the ways Chen Yang, our Chinese and IT Tallaght Ambassador, approaches his time as a Mechanical Engineering student…

Get familiar with your new college environment

When I arrived at IT Tallaght as an international student initially, the first thing I did was wander around the college campus and get acquainted with the main buildings and some facilities (like the bus stop!) near to the college. this helped put me at ease and was a big help when it came to finding the location of classrooms and labs. A sure way to avoid getting lost and being late for your lectures! Also, becoming familiar with your new environment is a good way to save time on transportation and a great way to manage your time more efficiently.

Mix and learn with your classmates from different countries

During the semester, there are lots of group projects that need to be finished. You’ll be working with people from all over the world and it is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures from your classmates. At ITT, I have classmates not only from Ireland but also from France and Canada, to name just a few. We help each other throughout the year like one big, international family! We all come from different places and ways of thinking meaning we often come out with a diverse range of ideas which reflect our many different perspectives. My group can always achieve comprehensive and meticulous solutions for assignments!

Be an engineer

I try to treat problems as an engineer and as an engineering student, this means considering the questions alongside the conditions in reality. At ITT, the lecturers always remind us as engineers what we should do or should not to do and I’ve learnt about the requirements for engineers in the real world. In my opinion, the course here is both useful and practical.

Learn to ask questions

Tutors at ITT encourages students to find questions during the procedures and results process (especially during experiments), and it’s a great feeling to not only find but solve these questions. It is not enough to accept what the lectures say during lectures and asking questions is the first step to exploring your chosen field of expertise.

The importance of self-learning

The content of lectures is not always enough and at certain times during the year, often during design projects, the knowledge needed is beyond just textbooks. The Mechanical Engineering course at IT Tallaght has motivated me to discover more information in this field and I often extend my knowledge by using the Internet or library. Talking with lecturers about the questions is also a good way to learn something new.

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