Student Ambassador, Saran Dakshina from Bengaluru, in Southern India, tells us how he combined his passions and education in his move to Ireland. Exploring his new home on his bicycle, Saran tells us just some of the things that Ireland has on offer…

Hailing from one of India’s busiest cities, Bengaluru, in southern India, Ireland was a whole new experience for me and the breathtaking impression I had when I first laid eyes on this land still lingers on till this moment. Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can make the biggest impact in our lives. 

To name a few, my passions include photography, cycling, exploring new places, among others. And trust me, one of the best choices I’ve ever made is coming to this awe-inspiring country for my education while getting to fulfil my dreams and passion at the same time. The reason for choosing Maynooth University for my education was to experience the best of Ireland’s education and to enjoy the countryside meanwhile. The Grand Canal behind the college campus is my go-to cycling spot, especially to witness the best Irish sunsets.


View of a Grand Canal sunset (photo: Saran)


The architecture and castles that I get to see in and around the campus, as well as during my cycling routine are astonishing. This place has a long history of vernacular architecture, where 9,000-year-old traditions of house-building were passed from one generation to the next. So, imagine how fascinating that is!

It was said that we learn the contours of a country best by riding a bicycle, since we have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus, we remember these places as they actually are. Ireland is famous for its marvelous views, not just of the land but that of the sea too. 

View of Howth Lighthouse (photo: Saran)


As I pass by these countless scenic beauties every time I get on my cycle, believe me, it is truly magical. The wide expanses of the lush, green fields are incredible. In fact, Ireland is nicknamed the Emerald Isle. Not to forget, the sea views and coastlines are probably the most extraordinary with the rugged cliffs plunging down into the sea in many areas.

Exploring the countryside (photo: Saran)

It was the best choice I made to choose Maynooth University which is completely a cycling-friendly zone. And joined the cycling community from my college and continued my exploring Ireland journey with the new friends that I met at my college. I am looking forward to sharing more stories of my journey.

Saran is pursuing an MSc in IT Enabled Innovation at Maynooth University.