Ireland knows how to throw a celebration! From culture festivals, to global celebrations of Ireland there’s something for everyone. Student Ambassador Catalina loves to celebrate and she has two events that are particular favourites! Read more to find out what they are…

Ireland has many celebration days for marking different stages, moments, or commemorating famous figures that have shaped the Irish identity around the world! For example, Saint Patrick’s Day and Bloomsday where globally people celebrate! However, there are two days which I enjoy the most every year on the island…

At the EPIC Immigration Museum (photo: Catalina)


My two favourites are culture night & Halloween!  Why do I like these celebrations more than the others? Continue reading and I’ll explain to you, and I hope I can spread my enthusiasm to you. 


Culture Night 

Because it is the possibility to be immersed in all the cultural aspects of the island in only ONE night. That day, all museums, cultural spaces, and participant locations are open until late to showcase the treasures, arts, and creativity within the island. You will be able to do what you

At the GPO on Culture Night (photo: Catalina)

choose to visit for free. Yes, you read it well: everything is free of charge! There will be some routes of public transport which are going to be dedicated to Cultural Night as well.  

Normally, August will be the month where the official website will be available with the schedule for the festival. Many of the activities will need a pre- booking in their website. So, my advice, if you like cultural activities as much as me,  or simply if you are curious to discover the cultural aspects of the island, plan in advance! Do your research about the place you would like to visit and create your own map. 

Since I’ve been living in Dublin, I have already visited the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, GPO,  EPIC Museum, Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle, Hugh Lane Gallery (with a special exhibition).




When I understood the Celtic meaning of the date, namely, the celebration of the end of the summer, I started to enjoy this spooky season. 

Dressing up as Wednesday Addams for Halloween (photo: Catalina)

This event is known as Samhain, its name in celtic, and it is a time to celebrate the harvest and get ready for the dark and long winter in this part of the globe! But it is also time to dress up to scare away the spirits that might cross the portal that night when the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead becomes blurred. When it comes to beliefs, everything appears to be possible during Samhain. 

Nowadays, Halloween is a global celebration that has its version around the world, even though some things remain similar to the original celebration. I like the candy collection and pumpkin’s carving, which there was bread and turnip collection in other times. But, I think the part that resonates most with me is the celebration of the end of a season, to be thankful for the harvest, and to get ready to stay inside in the dark and plan the next season. 

Of course, I am the one who loves seeing all the shops and houses decorated with spooky skulls and ghosts, fake blood, spider webs, and having fun with children when they are collecting their candies.  I am also the one who plans her custom in advance, always with the things I have at home and some scary makeup!


Catalina is studying Business at CCT College Dublin.