If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with online study don’t worry, you’re not alone. Nigerian Student Ambassador Avura shares his tips to take on online learning and excel!

My name is Avura Jerry Ugbomine, popularly known as Jerry. I am from Nigeria and currently a master’s student studying Artificial Intelligence in Letterkenny.

As an international student studying in Ireland, my primary aim is to have good grades and be successful in my academics. However, having had a quite fulfilling first semester, I feel it is necessary for me to share my experience and opinion about online studies, especially during a pandemic.

Out and about! (photo: Avura)

It is true that online studies can be boring and tiring as some people would say. It can also be very difficult especially during your first experience. To the best of my knowledge, while some people find it difficult to comprehend or understand lectures during online studies, others find it pleasurable and enjoyable. Our brain and body systems are different and we all have our different ways of learning even as our level of understanding or assimilation differs.

The Irish educational system is fantastic, I must say. It gives room to actually learn and acquire more knowledge as most assessments are based on assignments. Studies have shown that students learn more from their personal assignments than examination. During my first semester, I took on two modules, one of which was based entirely on assignments while the other was 50% assignments and 50% semester examination.

Some of the best ways which I believe one can make the most of online studying includes full concentration and level of preparedness, not being afraid of asking questions or seeking more clarifications from your lecturers and even classmates, be consistent in reading and doing your assignments from the very day it was given by your lecturer, and lastly, have a time schedule for all your academic and non-academic activities. These are some of the best tips that got me good grades during my first semester.

Thank you and keep staying safe.

Avura is studying for a Master’s in Computing and Artificial Intelligence at Letterkenny Institute of Technology.