Curious about thriving in student life in Ireland? Student Ambassador Sherine Woodcock is here with her top tips for success!

Cost of Living in Ireland
While attending college, whether at home or abroad, might be thrilling, it can also be financially difficult if you have a steady source of income and are living within your means. With rent being your highest expense, rates range from € 600 and above. It is cheaper to share accommodation, but this also comes at a cost, as issues may arise with differences in personalities and cultures. I currently live with five housemates, sharing only the living area. While there are challenges, I concentrate on the positive aspects while figuring out how to deal with the negative. This link can help you customise a personal budget for managing your finances:

Spending as little time indoors as possible is, in my opinion, the best way to reduce unneeded tension in your household and from school life. Ireland provides an array of places worth visiting. A few to name are: Cliffs of Moher
 The Guinness Store house
 Bunratty Castle & Folks Park
 Jameson Whiskey Distillery

Part- Time Jobs available
Studying at SCHM, the College App provides students with all information required, from applying for a Personal Public Service (PPS) number, which is needed to work here in Ireland and available at  You are legally required to work 20 hours a week as an international student, so you can earn some money whilst attending school. You will also require medical insurance for your stay, and you can opt for Irish Life, Laya Healthcare or Vhi, each providing different policies which you can select from.The App further provided information on student welfare, discount and other services.

Grocery Shopping
For grocery shopping, numerous stores cater for different budgets. I usually go to Lidl, Deals, Iceland or Dunnes, as they have all the essentials. Additionally, coming from Seychelles, we Seychellois love our spices, so I usually travel to Limerick as it is closer. Browsing through the stores, you can find fresh chillies, coconuts, bananas and all spices needed for a delicious curry. These supermarket runs used to be a frequent thing for me before I got the hang of it. This frequency drastically decreased with adjusting and proper planning to the Irish lifestyle, you can also opt to grocery shop online as these services are readily available.

Moving around in Public Transport
Many options are available for students who want to travel and explore the Emerald Isle. I usually travel by bus. Bus Eireann is the national bus service for Ireland, offering routes throughout the land and Dublin Coach, which offers reasonable prices. As a student, it is best to apply for a Leap card as rates are lower, booking bus tickets online are cheaper.


Sherine is studying Hotel Management at Shannon College