Find a free lunch, buy in bulk and be shop-savvy – just a few money saving tips from RCSI medical student Samy Beshay

As we know, being a student can be hard sometimes. Being a student abroad can be even more difficult. You’re away from home, often in a country that is unfamiliar to you and funds can get depleted pretty quickly. So here are some money saving tips to maximise your funds and make every euro count.

Student discounts and deals

Most businesses and restaurants often have special deals or discounts to offer students. They may not know upfront that you’re a student so it’s always best to ask at the cashier if they offer any. 15% off may not seem like much but definitely adds up over time! Sometimes simply showing your student card will qualify you but you may need a special card, leading us to the next point:

Student cards

Many transportation services and even schools offer students a special card which allows them to pay a reduced price for many services around Ireland. For example the student Leap card in Dublin allows travel by Luas, Dublin bus or train at a reduced fare for students.

Buy in bulk

It’s always cheaper to buy things in bulk whether it be food, school supplies or stationary. Not only that but you reduce visits to the same store and saving that valuable study time. You can even split the cost with a flat mate or friend and save even more. I recommend things like printer ink, laundry detergents, kitchen supplies and toilet paper to be bought in bulk.

Check for sale prices and shop around

I cannot stress this one enough. If you look around and even online you can find a drastic price difference in some items. Especially if the item is particularly expensive, it’s best to check other stores and online sites such as Amazon.

Used books and the library

Chances are if you’re a student, you’ll be requiring some sort of textbook or material to study off of. If you go to your local school book shop they will charge you the premium rate. However if you buy a used book from another student you are able to save a significant amount. And even better if you are able to find the book in the library you are able to save the total cost of the book.

Events and activities

Every year 1000s of pizza slices go uneaten because there are not enough students to meet the demand. By simply going to those events with free pizza/lunch you can help stop this crisis and even save some money in the process. And who knows, maybe you’ll even learn a new hobby in the process.

If you are interested in studying in Ireland, visit the Education in Ireland website.