After spending the last while studying at NUI Galway, Student Ambassador Xinya Peng from China shares her experience and thoughts of the course so far!

Hi, everyone. I am Xinya Peng, a Digital Media student at the National University of Ireland, Galway. After studying this major for half a year, I want to say that I do not regret it at all because this major is officially what I want to study. 

Before coming to NUIG to study, I did a Higher Diploma in Science in Computing at the National College of Ireland, this NCI learning experience helped me a lot. Before I came to Ireland, my major was automation but I didn’t have any foundation in programming. During the NCI learning process, I learned about computers from the basics of computers and how to code gradually. During this period, I studied a course called Web Design. I like the feeling of presenting my creativity. At the same time, I think the media is a medium to convey ideas. I like this kind of expression. I was deeply attracted to this course and made media design the direction of my graduate major. 

This is how I found the MA Digital Media at the National University of Ireland, Galway. NUIG’s Digital Media fits my selection criteria very well. This course not only teaches us relevant knowledge but also teaches us how to think. The main classes were; Interactive and Immersive Media, Creative Practice for Digital Makers, Online and Mobile Media and Digital Play & Practice. These lessons have taught us what media is, how to create media, and why we need media. At the same time, they also taught us the necessary technology skills. In terms of optional courses, we have Publishing, Global Media Innovation, Data Journalism and Visualisation, Film and Culture, etc. to choose from. These courses let us know more about media-related fields. 

While studying the MA in Digital Media, we are going to be introduced to various practical skills through tutorials in addition to undertaking practice-based research. Through practice-based research, we are learning how to do something, but also producing knowledge, exploring ideas, posing questions, generally taking a new path of development within a field. 

Xinya is doing an MA in Digital Media at NUI Galway.