Ever wondered what life is as a Medical student at RCSI is like? In her second blog, Student Ambassador Anoushka takes us through a typical day in her life. From assignments to readings it can be hard to balance it all out! However, when it does settle down there’s always something fun to do in Dublin…

There is not a day in my life that goes by that I do not think about the overdue assignment that is just around the corner. It is usually not just one, but a sizable number of them! Once I have gotten that ache out of my stomach, I can eat breakfast and get ready for another ideal day at university! 

Practical labs (photo: Anoushka)

After my customary oats, blueberries, and eggs, I attempt to be on time for the first lecture, which is around 9 or 10 a.m. There is rarely a dull moment in my lectures, you can’t afford to slack off, take a 20-second phone break, or have a micro-nap. And if you do…the entire issue or case study will be solved by then! 

You really cannot appreciate the lectures enough when you’re in the thick of it. The presentations and their supporting materials are works of art that have beauty in their minimalism. With their wordy explanations and cryptic notations, they truly come to life around exam time, when no one has enough time for textbooks. When you have no time, the brief and wonderfully created slides come to life. They cover the core of each topic, and their explanations play in your thoughts as they come to the rescue. 


RCSI library (photo: Anoushka)

When I am not at home or at lectures, I spend my time in the library. It is a fantastic place with two large levels and plenty of seating! It is not just the environment or the sense of tranquillity that makes the RCSI library amazing; it is also a lovely small spot to warm up on chilly days, and meet friends or other students from other walks of life! Aside from college, my free time is filled with so many fun activities!

I have a lot of assignments and reading to do, and it does consume a lot of time each day, but it is essential for my programme. Continuous assessments account for up to 40% of my final grade, with written exams accounting for the remainder.



Dublin’s Hapenny Bridge (photo: Anoushka)

If anyone knows how to break the vicious cycle of completing one assignment after another, there are a lot of things to do. Most evenings on campus, societies will be hosting events which are always fun, and are a fantastic way to meet new people. You can also go to the gym or take up a new sport. There are lots of options before packing up and heading home to call it a day! 

After my exciting yet exhausting days, I return home to enjoy a lovely meal, binge-watch my favourite series, and get some much-needed rest only to look forward to the excitement of the next day!

Anoushka is studying Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland.