You’ve decided to study abroad in Ireland but what next? Anish, our NUI Galway Ambassador has created your go-to checklist. Read on…

What should I pack?

Warm clothes

  • September-October are grand (Irish lingo!), but then the sweet sub-freezing temperatures kick in.

Wind cheater and/or raincoat

  • It rains all year round, and its very windy here. Umbrellas are best when kept in your cupboard. Speaking of which, keep waterproof shoes for daily use.

Casual clothes for school

Formal attire

  • You might need these for year-round presentations


  • Keep extra toothpaste, and tooth brush, shaving kit along with a moisturiser. I have also been told that sanitary napkins are expensive here than some countries.

Prescribed meds 

  • Meds here are expensive, and due to regulations your local meds might not be available here. Having said that, a packet of Strepsil costs 4 bucks here. So, keep these generic ones as well.

Dental kit


  • It is quite cold, hence these will be needed in the house

Extra pair of glasses

  • You don’t want to buy a pair here, believe me! Its exceptionally expensive

Electric adapter/converter

  • A adapter which will help you use your electric devices in these sockets

A spare phone

  • Just in case you lose your phone or it needs repairing.

Career documents

  • Keep the documents which go in your interview docket.

Extra copies of visa documents

Ready to eat food

  • If you have some room in the bag, keep few of these as you might not have your own kitchen for first week, depending on your accommodation scenario.
  • Keep a few packets of Everest masala
  • Pressure cooker, as it is multipurpose
  • Keep few types of Daal to make khichdi and stuff (Note: Rice, Rajma are cheap here)
Things to do before you arrive
  • I won’t mention the visa-related tasks, as I am sure you already have taken care of that!
  • Learn to cook
  • Cancel or close utilities in your home country: bank accounts, phone connections, etc. as it can create a problem for your family to close these once you are here.
  • Book temporary accommodation, be it in hostels or in in Airbnb. Check the connectivity to your college or university before booking.
  • Book a bus from Dublin airport to the city before leaving as during student seasons, these buses are booked. For Galway, GoBus is best.
  • Start requesting viewings on Daft and Facebook for a accommodation.
  • Scan all your visa and important documents and keep them on your phone and cloud storage like Google Drive
  • Keep a few passport size photographs (Irish visa standard)
  • Make yourself a checklist and start shopping couple of weeks before to avoid last minute chaos.
  • You can convert your local currency to Euro and keep some cash or ask your bank for a Forex card.
Things to do after you arrive
  • Buy a sim-card on the first day to connect with your family. (Three is cheap and good, Lyca is good for calling India, Vodafone has good student offers).
  • Register yourself at the university and collect your ID card.
  • Enjoy the orientation week
  • Start looking for a decent bike, go the BikeSoc and ask for their inputs.
  • Search and finalize your accommodation
  • Open your bank account (you can open this on your temp accommodation, with the owner’s consent and a letter from University)
  • Start applying for part-time jobs
  • Remember that soon the university shall be setting up meetings for you with the immigration officers. You may have to pay a fee.
  • Get used to the university systems, student email, Library portal, Blackboard, Career portal, etc.,
  • Don’t miss class!