Come along with our Student Ambassador, Ilah Jefferis, as she takes you on a tour of her favourite spots in Cork City, Ireland! ­čîč Check the link in bio.

What I appreciate most about Cork is its walkability. If I want to go into the city center, I only have to walk about 15 minutes from my accommodation, and the UCC campus is about a 7-minute walk. If the weather is terrible, buses are frequent, and you can get a Leap Card, making them super affordable! The middle of townhouses The English Market, an indoor/outdoor market filled with bustling people, delicious food, and countless goods. This is a great place to get cheap, high-quality produce or freshly baked bread. Outside the market along the main road, there are many clothing and household items shops. I love to hit up Nine Crows

Vintage to see if there is anything jaw-dropping on the racks. I recently picked up one of my new favorite shirts for 5 euros. St Patrick’s Street has it all, from bookshops to coffee. Another one of my favorite spots is Alchemy Coffee and Bookstore. Located on Barrack Street, the small shop’s walls are covered in books and newspaper clippings, exuding a welcoming atmosphere. Alchemy is my go-to if I am in the mood for doing schoolwork or playing checkers with a hot chocolate. But, on the days when I am craving a chai, Greenfrog Cafe is a staple. Right outside the gates of the UCC campus, Greenfrog spiced chai latte has been there to warm me up during study breaks. The cafe is frog-themed and is covered in adorable green benches and frog plushies. If friends from other universities come to Ireland to visit me, I take them to get a chai, then walk them up the hill to Osho. Osho is arguably the best pub in Cork. No, I have not been to every pub to put this to the test, but from what I have experienced, Osho takes the cake. The pub doubles as a tea house during the day, serving piping hot tea to individuals seated on comfy cushions.

Every Saturday, they house live traditional Irish music called Trad, where performers come and jam out together for the evening. The space is not too large, offering a safe and homey vibe. Sometimes, I find pubs intimidating; however, Osho’s staff and low lighting make one feel comfortable on a night out. Another bonus is that they partner with a Japanese restaurant across the street called Miazaki. You are free to bring takeout into the pub and eat your delicious meal while enjoying Trad. All the places I mentioned are within walking distance of each other, as everything is in Cork. If you want to get a sweet treat or a new sweater, chances are you can walk.

Ilah Jefferis is studying BA Film and Screen Media at UCC via Education in Ireland.