Studying abroad in Ireland is an amazing opportunity for anyone, and school work should be kept as a first priority. That being said, you can’t let school work completely take over your time! Jacob Petel, our Canadian and IT Tallaght Ambassador, shares his top city spots for food, drink and fun…

There is a so much to do in Dublin, and the city is really accessible – there are tons of buses as well as multiple trams heading in to and around the town. Or you can jump in a taxis (they are everywhere in Dublin!), so it shouldn’t be too hard to get around. Once here there lots of pubs, restaurants and clubs to choose from – here are just some of my favourites:


Smokin’ Bones – Reasonably priced and maybe the best smokehouse in Dublin! BBQ will turn into a treat if you are used to it, so when you do get the craving I highly recommend Smokin’ Bones!

O’Neill’s Pub – Traditional Irish food! Oh, and they have been a pub for 300 years… Which is older than Canada itself.

The Port House Pintxos – With a broad range of menu items and a low price, you can get your fill of a variety of foods as well as save some money!


The Crow Bar – An amazing pub that’s attached to both a nightclub and the wall of fame Dublin! Crow Bar is close to the Temple Bar pub (below) and has great happy hour deals!

The Temple Bar – You should go to Temple Bar, it’s known around the world and has a great atmosphere. With live music, multiple bars, and a smoking garden in the middle, this bar is ready to welcome for any Dublin visitor. Although prepare your wallet, a pint of Guinness is about 5.90€, more expensive than many other pubs around the city.

Gogarty’s – Amazing live music, free appetisers (when the kitchen closes) and reasonably priced for it’s location in the Temple Bar district. The food is amazing and the service is friendly and quick.


Copper Face Jacks – An amazing nightclub open 7 nights a week, with guests from around the world the club is friendly with an amazing atmosphere.

Dicey’s – Don’t enjoy getting all sweaty while being in a nightclub? Well you’re in luck! Dicey’s has a huge outside bar and dance floor! There is tons of cover so when it rains you won’t get soaked…because it probably will be raining.

The Church – Really this is actually a restaurant, pub, and nightclub. With well priced drinks and a huge venue, The Church is a must-go. Oh, and it’s also built in a church established in 1702!

Now, I know not everyone will be moving to Dublin for their studies but you should definitely visit the capital while you’re here! Got questions? Leave a comment below!

If you are interested in studying in Ireland, visit the Education in Ireland website for more information.