The transition back to in-person learning can be a strange process! Meeting new classmates, experiencing campus life and joining societies is all-together very different from Zoom lectures! Lilis, one of our Student Ambassadors from Malaysia, enjoyed her first taste of real college life when she volunteered at her university’s open day!

I am Wan Noor Lilis Suliana, but I go by Lilis. I am a 2nd year international student doing a Bachelor of Business at the Kerry location of the Munster Technological University (MTU). I am majoring in management. 

The Open Day at MTU Kerry took place on 26th November 2021. It was held at the Kerry Sports Academy, where I volunteered as an assistant at the business faculty stand. Anyone who registered for the event had to present their Covid certification before being allowed to enter and walk around the campus and we had students who volunteer to help with the checking of the certs outside.

The location of the MTU Open Day (photo: Lilis)

Students were then led to the stand to collect their free bag containing the MTU Prospectus for 2022, a small notepad, and a pen. They were then brought into the event where there were various stands which were there to give any information! There were very interesting items laid out on the tables. The students at the stands were in the course, and they were there to explain any inquiries they had and to tell them about their experience of the campus and the course. 


After going around in the hall, students and parents were allowed to tour the campus grounds. They could also attend sessions where guest speakers who were invited to the Open Day spoke. This benefitted them in a way that they will be able to experience life on campus in the few hours that it was hosted. Those who have missed the opportunity to come for Open Day may come over to the campus for a visit and have a look at what it is like. We also have a 3D virtual online tour that is on our website here which benefits those who are not able to go out during this Covid period. 

The MTU campus (photo: Lilis)

It has been a great experience for me to be on campus, as I went through all of my 1st year online which meant I did not manage to communicate much with the lecturers and classmates face-to-face. But, being able to experience the Open Day event and meet new people and see different students come together was so much fun!

Finally meeting classmates in person! (photo: Lilis)

Lilis is studying Business at Munster Technological University.