We all take first impressions very seriously. Thankfully, Student Ambassador Pulkit has been won over by Ireland! From the weather, to the people, to the food, keep reading to find out more…Coming from a very humble background in India, studying abroad was my childhood dream (with a special thanks to my uncle – Col. Narinder Bahl, for making it possible). I’m so glad that I chose Ireland as my study destination. Hi, I’m Pulkit Bahl and I am currently pursuing MSc in Business Information and Analytics Systems from University College Cork (UCC), and here I’ll be presenting my initial impressions of studying in Ireland. 

Planning ahead!

With my IELTS & GRE tests, trying to get a VISA, flying amidst COVID-19 and other barriers, I realised that it is not that easy to move to a new country. Nevermind leaving your hometown behind! However, everything came together brilliantly when I finally landed in Dublin, on 2nd September 2021. Every single effort I had to make to end up on this beautiful little Island felt worthwhile. 

The early weeks…

From the people, to the weather, to food and infrastructure, everything seemed simply perfect. While travelling from Dublin to Cork, the countryside was mesmerising, with lush green beauty all around. Before arriving in Ireland, I had heard that Irish people were the friendliest. I can confirm, this is one hundred percent true! I have experienced many times where they were more friendly and helpful than I could have ever imagined. I probably listen to “Thank you” and “Sorry” more times I drink water in a day. 

The food here is so pure and organic that I started observing many positive impacts on my skin, including almost zero acne! Also, there are many Indian/Asian Food stores to make you feel at home. They would have all the Indian food items you’d need. Infrastructure is old-school, with no skyscrapers, no high-rise buildings, but many ancient castles, cathedrals, and rich cultural heritage, which surely ignites a romantic fairy-tale mood. 

My studies at UCC!

Since I’m here to study and complete my Master’s with good grades, it only makes sense to talk about my education experience  in Ireland. And honestly, it’s been pretty perfect straight off the bat! Irish universities rank well in the global rankings, and the professors are knowledgeable, kind, and supportive. They made us feel comfortable in the classroom and encouraged us to speak up and participate in the class. The course that I’m pursuing is rigorous and intensive, and overall, the teaching style and methodology seems like a big step up from what I’ve experienced back in India. 

All in all, I’m satisfied with the decision that I’ve taken and believe I’ll have a beautiful experience in Ireland ahead as well!

Pulkit is currently pursuing a MSc in Business Information and Analytics Systems at University College Cork.