Maile here, (pronounced my-leh by the way)! I’ve come all the way from Bali, Indonesia to study Computer Science & Business here at Trinity College Dublin. Being a 2nd-year student, I’ve definitely had a good taste of Ireland so far but, this year has been completely different from the last. So, I’m here to share my experience of university life in Ireland so far… 

A Recap of Last Year  

My first year at Trinity College Dublin was a bit of a rollercoaster in its own unique way. Having to adapt to online learning, online exams, and the whole online experience wasn’t easy for me at all, especially considering I was in a completely new country! I’m from Europe (France specifically), but I had never lived here before, and boy was it different from Indonesia… especially weather-wise.

I was lucky enough to be living with two first years who were the first friends I made in Dublin. But, the online experience did not only affect me academically, it affected me socially as well. Luckily, I met an amazing friend through Instagram – another first year studying Law at Trinity who was living in the same College residence as me, she became my best friend to date (spoiler: we and a bunch of other friends moved in together in second year!)

Together, we helped each other survive our very special first year together. From my first time seeing snow, to our first St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, my first year was no doubt a memorable one and Dublin became a place I could confidently call my second home. 

Movie night with the girls at Front Square (photo: Maile)

This Year (so far!) 

In late August, I was back in Dublin after spending 3-months back home in Indonesia. I had a feeling my second year was bound to be an exciting one, and gosh was I right! The atmosphere had completely changed since last year – restaurants were open and bustling, the sun was high and shining, and my friends and I had moved in together. This year, I had the privilege of living in the city centre too, which meant that I got to experience Dublin from a completely different viewpoint!  

The Long Room Trinity College (photo: Maile)

One of the biggest changes for me this year was the return (or rather, the start) of in-person classes. I was attending classes on campus every day, as well as society-run events and in-person activities. I got a better sense of what college life is supposed to resemble. My verdict? I LOVE IT! I got the chance to hang out with my coursemates, attended numerous events hosted by some of the 120 societies set up in Trinity, and ate scrumptious food (that wasn’t takeout this time)!

An opportunity that arose for me this year has definitely been my ability to travel around the island of Ireland with ease. Ireland is rather small – a 2.5hour train ride will take you to the other side of the country! What started as a spontaneous trip to Galway has now turned into a routine. I even spent Christmas in Galway which was amazing! 


Best moments of the first semester

  • The start of in-person classes! 
  • Exploring the Trinity College Dublin campus during autumn, it’s so picturesque! 
  • My little Galway escapes when I need a weekend away from Dublin! 
  • The plethora of restaurants I tried this semester in Dublin, my personal favourites being Chaska, Arisu, Lee’s Charming Noodles, and DiFontaine’s! I document all Dublin eateries I visit on my Instagram food blog @mailesmoonchies <3 

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to so far – thank you for making it to the end of my first blog! I’m excited to be writing more for Education in Ireland, and giving you updates on how Dublin life has been going! Expect lots of food content from yours truly 🙂

Maile is studying Computer Science and Business at Trinity College Dublin.