Ever wondered how someone ends up studying abroad in Ireland? Tariq, our Indian and NUI Galway Ambassador shares his story…

My journey from a small town in India to Ireland may have begun as a son’s tribute to his father’s dream, but I have transcended that dream. I always knew there are many dreams out there, just waiting to be lived and for me, Ireland was one of them. I still have fading memories of reading the book “PS – I Love You”(by Cecilia Ahern) — from that point onwards, Ireland was firmly in my dreams.

So why fly across oceans to this Emerald Isle? There are many reasons. Ireland is known for its rich culture, lush countryside, maritime climate, beer, traditional music, potatoes and yes, leprechauns (joke!). With 0% racism, and uber-friendly and helpful people, you can expect to feel like you are in a home away from home.

With great universities and tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Airbnb choosing Ireland as their European headquarters, Ireland is a land of opportunities. It’s no secret — Ireland is now becoming the most preferred choice amongst the students as well as their parents.

For me the real dilemma was choosing the right university with the right course. Scoring amongst the top 1% universities of the world, the National University of Galway Ireland has an inimitable reputation in terms of the quality of education, faculty and students. Providing world-class unparalleled and distinct education, NUIG is known for its friendly culture, rich heritage and is a place where you are given a plethora of opportunities to realise your strengths. Chasing my dreams and following my heart, I finally choose National University of Ireland, Galway as my home my year of study abroad.

After why Ireland, the most widely asked question is why MSc in International Accounting and Analytics in NUIG? I have a simple answer to this – why settle on accounting with the off chance that you can learn data analytics, when you have the chance to do both in the same time and program. NUI Galway is the only establishment offering this course in Ireland. This program is a blend of modules and practical training, with extra accreditation of SAP Module. KPMG-led Summer School and membership to ACCA accelerated programme is a bonus too. I believe that this practical exposure coupled with the theoretical acumen will equip me to take my experience and knowledge to  the next level. I have the chance to experience genuine contextual analysis, group work and individual assignments, presentations, guest lectures and taught modules, SAP exercise, with multi-faceted international students and cross-cultural studies an much more.

Galway is one of the most pleasant and picturesque cities on the wild west coast of Ireland, where river Corrib grasps the Atlantic Ocean. I never wanted to just study — I wanted to learn, to live, to grow. The National University of Ireland Galway provides you with a world of opportunities to realise your passion and strengths. With 45 active sports clubs, and a great gym right at the core of the University and more than 100 vibrant societies, NUIG promises to take care of their students holistically. The campus hosts a five storied massive library, enhancing and supporting students academically. The university assists the students through a super dynamic Career Development Cell, which acts as a bridge between the students, alumnis and employers, propelling students towards a successful career. Furthermore, on campus medical care is provided to full time students free of charge. For times when we feel lost, and don’t even know what the problem is — the university has an excellent counselling and support services for students dealing with various emotional, personal and professional issues. A dedicated international office is the guiding angel for international students. And how could I forget the Sult Club and the Hub, the main attraction on campus for students to socialise.

The journey from a small town of India to this fairyland of Ireland hasn’t always been easy — and it won’t be simple for you either! On the off chance that you are as yet not persuaded that why to choose NUI Galway or why to choose MSc International Accounting and Analytics, you can always reach out to me. I would be more than happy to answer all your questions regarding visas and documentation, MSc program, or NUIG and Ireland. Leave a comment!