Have you ever wanted to study at Munster Technological University? With SIX campuses, there’s something for everyone! Student Ambassador Osarugue Jennifer from Nigeria is here to share her experience as an international student at MTU as she settles into life in Ireland…

First impressions…

Irish weather can’t be trusted! (photo: Jennifer)

During my first semester studying pharmaceutical science at MTU, I experienced a lot of new things such as meeting new people, going to new places, and trying new hobbies. One of the most challenging factors this semester would be the combination of both in-class and online

lectures. As we all know Covid-19 has been a major influence on the world especially when it comes to schools and going to class. As a precaution against Covid, classes were arranged in a way where students would have minimal contact with each other, which resulted in half my classes being held online. Online classes were a whole new experience for me as it was my first time having any classes online. The teachers were very helpful as I had many questions due to my inexperience and all my questions were answered to the best of their ability. 

The MTU experience…

Even though half my classes were online I was still able to experience normal school life as I joined the basketball club, dance club, and the international student society. During this time with my friends, I found my experience in Munster Technological University very valuable as I got to meet new amazing people from different countries, people who today I consider my friends. 

The MTU social life (photo: Jennifer)

I also learned so many interesting things. I learned that here in Ireland it is possible to get every season of the year in just one day. In the morning it’s cloudy, during the day it’s rainy then suddenly the sun comes up and only a few moments later the rain and wind starts. It’s strange, but I am so happy to study here at MTU and I am already in love with Ireland. I will encourage anybody coming to Ireland to travel and experience Irish culture.  

One thing I like and appreciate is that the lectures here are nice and helpful in all areas of studying. They understand the culture shock and language barrier experienced by international students, so they always explain everything very clearly for us and make sure we understand everything. They make me and other international students in my class feel that they are our friends and can ask them questions without hesitation. 

Osarugue Jennifer is studying Pharmaceutical Science at Munster Technological University.