“The department of biology is well equipped with a highly advanced instruments for the practical session with highly competent staff.”
Find out more about how our Student Ambassador Evans Omambia chose and applied for his master’s degree in Immunology and Global Health.



The overview of the course

My name is Evans Nyakwara Omambia from Kenya, enrolled in Maynooth University to pursue M.Sc. Immunology and Global Heath at the Department of Biology which runs for one year. Briefly, the course needs students with biological or health related disciplines from their undergraduate studies. Once you get enrolled, the course will equip you with necessary skills and knowledge especially immunological interventions of diseases. Furthermore, the programme addresses health challenges that are facing the world especially the emerging diseases, re-emerging diseases, and poverty related diseases. Notably, I have real learnt new skills and knowledge about immunology for the last few months that I have been in lecture halls.

Department of Biology – Maynooth University

Department of Biology – Maynooth University

Supportive lecturers
Interestingly, lecturers are very super in terms of support especially when a student needs clarification about a given concept of a module. I have experienced a good life in immunology programme because lecturers are ready and enthusiastic to aid me to understand through consultations. For instance, I had to book for an appointment for further discussion with my lecturer that made me to understand the assignment properly. This helped me to gain confidence and created motivation towards the programme.
Doing a practical in the laboratory
Moreover, the department of biology is well equipped with a highly advanced instruments for the practical session with highly competent staff. This makes the life of the student straightforward and simple. The main purpose of the practical is to reinforce the theoretical part of the lecture materials, hence improving first-hand skills.

At the Biology Laboratory during the practical session

Journals and seminars
The programme contains modules especially seminars for advanced immunology that enables students to understand more about research aspects following the presentations from various researchers from various parts of the world. Honestly, the seminars have changed me positively especially in listening skills, presentation skills and how to find research gaps to conduct research and how to collaborate with others to conduct research. Additionally, the programme has journal clubs that enables students to work as a group to discuss assignments, hence embracing collaboration. It happened that there was a world antimicrobial awareness week whereby students and staff participated to create awareness by enlightening the public to use licensed vaccines and antimicrobials with care to mitigate the resistance of microorganisms antimicrobials.
Evans Omambia is pursuing master’s degree in Immunology and Global Health at Maynooth University.